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17 Underrated Products For Hairy Women That Actually Work

*uses a lawn mower to shave my legs*

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We asked the hairy ladies of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products they swear by. Here are the fab results.


1. Completely Bare Facial Lotion and Growth Inhibitor

"I started using it for my peach fuzz and I usually had to tweeze my chin every other day — now I see a huge difference! Now I go several days without having to pluck hairs."

Get it here for $9.99.


2. The Body Shop Body Polisher

"I read a few years ago that pre-shave exfoliation really reduces razor bumps and ingrown hairs. So I discovered these bad boys — they’re nylon wash cloths that slough off dead skin and protect me before a shave."

Get it here for $8.



6. Magic Shaving Powder

"The day I discovered this may have been the greatest day of my life. It’s cheap and works great on my coarse, Eastern European black hair. It doesn't smell great, but it doesn't give me razor burn or ingrown hairs."

Get it here for $4.27.

Kitty Davenport

7. Sally Hansen Microwavable Eyebrow, Face, and Lip Wax Kit

"It sets itself and comes off in one piece. I love this stuff because I can control how thick my brows end up, and it pays for itself in one use."

Get it here for $5.44.

—Sara Byron, Facebook

8. Flash&Go Express

"It zaps your hair off, but it's totally safe. I don't have to use razors anymore, and I still only need to use this baby every three weeks. I save so much time and money."

Get it here for $299.

—Cat Crandall, Facebook


12. Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Power Max

"I use it on my bikini line. It works so well, you get less ingrown hairs compared to shaving, and it doesn't hurt like waxing! Also, it's cheap!"

Get it here starting at $8.98.

—Gina Conenello, Facebook

16. Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

"For short-term hair removal (2-4 weeks, usually), I love Olay’s Facial Hair Removal Duo. It comes with a balm that prepares the skin, and a cream remover. The balm prevented the chemical burns that I frequently got from other products, and Olay’s cream doesn’t smell bad!"

Get it here starting at $23.99.