19 Invaluable Love Lessons We Learned From "Good Burger"

    'Cause we're all dudes.

    1. Giving compliments is a vital act in the world of romance.

    2. But keep in mind, you may not be as clever as you think you are.

    3. Always look for opportunities to spend time with your crush.

    4. But protect yourself and be skeptical of potential flames.

    5. Everyone flirts differently.

    6. There will most likely be moments when you won't realize someone is flirting.

    7. Don't get too nervous.

    8. But if you really can't find any courage, find a friend who will help you out.

    9. Because there's always the possibility of a good outcome.

    10. Make sure to impress your date with a unique chariot.

    11. Be courteous.

    12. When it feels right, say what is on your mind.

    13. It's natural to be nervous when someone makes a move.

    14. Because many flirtatious acts are unexpected.

    15. Keep in mind that some dates will be a disaster.

    16. Like, seriously. They'll be awful.

    17. Always check in to see how your special someone is feeling.

    18. Be honest with your crush.

    19. And always remember, there's a huge chance your dating dreams will come true.