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19 Times Brendon Urie Was So Gorgeous It Hurt

♫ His birthday calls for a toast, so pour the champagne, pour the champagne. ♫

1. When he shared this "pre-show ritual" selfie, and your entire body shook.

2. The time he took a photo kissing his goddamn DOG and it made you want to throw a table.

My wife takes good pics of me getting kisses from my dog. 🏊🐶


#tbt to sleepin with my homie Bogart. Missin dat home lyfe.

4. When he smiled ever-so-slightly and you wanted to grab his face and kiss it.

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

5. When he took a casual bed selfie and you had to chant the line "have some composure" over and over to yourself to chill out.

6. When he made a mess and played the piano and you had to lock yourself in your room for days.

7. When he wore this damn chambray shirt that made him look so put together you started questioning everything you've ever known.

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

8. The time he shared this photo and made you want to hurl your computer at the wall.

9. And when he took his beard for a day on the town and your entire brain melted.

Waitin' to grab a bite in my new @themerchdude shirt. Thx bruh!

10. When he shared this close-up and you got an instant migraine from how gorgeous his freckles are.

11. When he gave you the perfect profile of his jawline and you imagined it slicing your heart into five million pieces.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

12. When he was glistening with perspiration and you dreamt of dumping a bucket of his sweat all over you.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

13. When you saw him dance like this, and you were distracted for weeks.

Fueled by Ramen / Via

14. When he rolled up in this SILVER SUIT JACKET and you suddenly couldn't remember your own name.

Victor Boyko / Getty Images

15. When he did this and there was a Panic! In Your Pants.

16. When he stretched, showed the SMALLEST amount of stomach, and made you want to pass out.

Duane Prokop / Getty Images

17. When he was SOAKING WET AND FLIPPED HIS HAIR and you considered just being done with everything.

Fueled By Ramen / Via

18. And when he made this expression, which is what you imagine he looks like, when he... you know...

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

19. When... he... sorry. What were we saying?

Fueled By Ramen / Via

Happy birthday, you gorgeous, talented, strange human!

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