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    17 WTF Disney Channel Movie Moments That Ruined You For Life

    You were pissed you didn't turn into a teenage mermaid after ​The Thirteenth Year.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most WTF Disney Channel movie moments. Here are the insane results.

    1. That time the kids in Under Wraps found a mummy in an abandoned house and befriended it.


    2. And when this kid grew fins and turned into a merman on his 13th birthday in The Thirteenth Year.

    3. When Andrew Lawrence cloned himself IN A SEA MONKEY HABITAT in The Other Me.

    4. That time the superheroes in Up, Up, And Away almost died because they were powerless against TIN FOIL.


    5. When Ricky Ullman fell in love with his hologram invention in Pixel Perfect.

    6. When the kids in The Scream Team battled a dude in the afterlife who burned his wife alive.


    7. And when the alien sister in Stepsister From Planet Weird took a strange-ass sink bath and turned into a giant orb.

    8. When Don't Look Under The Bed made you think your imaginary friend would morph into a horrifying monster and lead you to the Boogeyman.


    9. The time Pat from Smart House got jealous of the Cooper family's relationship and created a tornado inside their house.

    10. When Jackal Johnson tried his best to morph the Cheetah Girls into a creepy, animal-mask wearing, lip-synching girl group.

    11. When the mom in The Luck Of The Irish revealed she was a tiny, dancin' leprechaun.

    12. And when a disgruntled guy "haunted" the theater he worked at in Phantom Of The Megaplex, JUST SO HIS BOSS WOULD REMEMBER HIS NAME.

    13. When Caroline Rhea went on a date with an IRL monster in Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire.

    14. And Quints, which made you believe that the more babies you have, the more rich and famous you'll become.

    15. Every time a High School Musical character sang and danced — just to prove that they DIDN'T SING OR DANCE.

    —Emily Aust, Facebook

    16. How about Get A Clue, when a teacher faked his death and the woman he had an affair with had to help find him?

    17. And when perfectly normal kids found out their grandma was a witch who lived in Halloweentown with skeletons and actual monsters.

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