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    21 Exhilarating Moments For Anyone Who Lives With Messy People

    ♫ Sweet dreams are made of clean... ♫

    1. When everyone washes their own damn dishes for once.

    2. Even better, when they wash your dishes, and do it properly.

    3. When the shirt someone borrows gets returned without suspicious stains on it.

    4. When the pizza pan gets used and is cleaned right after, instead of sitting on the stove for four days.

    5. When the coffee filter from eight hours ago isn't still sitting in the machine.

    6. When bad leftovers from the fridge are thrown in the trash instead of letting them rot.

    7. When someone takes it upon themselves to wash the dish towels instead of waiting for you to do the deed.

    8. When you go to do laundry and are pleased to find the previous load was switched out in a timely manner.

    9. If a miracle happens and someone folds and puts away your laundry for you.

    10. When someone sneezes at the dinner table and washes their hands immediately after.

    11. When someone else cleans the bathroom counter and puts everything back exactly where it was found.

    12. Or when they just keep the counters clutter-free.

    13. Whenever this doesn't happen:

    14. When the toilet bowl is cleaned instead of you later finding something ~icky~ stuck to the sides.

    15. When you jump in the shower and chunks of someone else's hair aren't stuck to the wall.

    16. When someone reminds their friends they invited over to take off their shoes.

    17. And when their friends don't break anything.

    18. When someone cleans up the mess their friends made, without you having to ask.

    19. When the trash gets taken out without any passive-aggression.

    20. And when the can is replaced with a brand new liner.

    21. Anytime someone you live with does all of the above JUST BECAUSE.