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    Evan Peters Was Adorably Embarrassing In These Early ’00s Commercials

    Just call him Evan "Corn Pops" Peters.

    This is Evan Peters:

    You know him from American Horror Story. He's a dreamboat and your #MCM.

    But did you know that long before he graced us with his studly self on AHS, he was gloriously adorable in a few early 2000s commercials?

    Let's take a trip back in time. And try not to faint from cuteness.

    He started as an intense gamer in 2001, promoting one of Playstation 2's first online games, ATV Offroad Fury: Clowns.

    Look at that determination. Is he preparing for all the hearts he's going to break in a few years?

    Or the clowns he's actually going to have to face?

    See his moving performance in full here:

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    Evan's charm continued to advance when he starred in Progressive's "Boredom Insurance" commercial.

    That face could sell anything. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS.

    "Get insurance and stuff, because you could land a starring role on a huge TV show and be really gorgeous, and you're probably not even listening, are you?"

    This is a work of art. Made of pure gold.

    Seriously. Flo can't even compete with this.

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    And who could forget his nationally recognized performance (OK, not really) in this Corn Pops commercial?

    Everyone wants to be looked at the same way Evan looks at pay phones.


    American Horror Story: GOTTA HAVE MY POPS.

    Check out Evan's emotional Corn Pops journey here:

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    Admit it. You just fell even more in love.