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Show Us Pictures Of Your Dogs That Look Like Celebrities


Dogs are extremely fun to look at already, but they're even more intriguing when they resemble celebrities.

Via, Artina Films

Which one is Richard Gere???

For example, this dog looks so much like late-'00s Will Ferrell, it's uncanny: / New Line Cinema

This hat-wearing Mastiff is serving "Samuel L. Jackson on the red carpet," and doing it well:

Via Twitter: @Paul_Fledge, Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

This chihuahua absolutely nails her Rachel Dratch impression:

And Jenna Marbles's dog, Kermit, resembles Snoop Dogg ever so slightly with his facial expressions:

Scott Gries / Getty / Jenna Marbles on YouTube

So, we want to know: Does your dog look like a celebrity? Share a photo of your pet and let us know who they resemble in the comments below.

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! Bonus points if you provide a side-by-side with your dog and the actual celeb.