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Tell Us Which Disney Park Incident Freaks You Out The Most

More like the creepiest place on Earth.

Disney parks are the ~happiest place on Earth~, but some not-so-happy things happens there too, folks.


Maybe you've heard of the time a girl tried to scare her cousin, then fell and got dragged under a Haunted Mansion car at Disney World in Florida.

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via, Via

Perhaps you know about the 1974 America Sings ride incident at Disneyland California, where an employee was crushed to death between the ride and a wall.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Or maybe you read about the 660-pound parade float that collapsed at Disneyland Tokyo in '08, which caused all parades to be canceled for a while, but no one got hurt.

We love Disney parks, but it's interesting to learn about crazy things that have happened there. So, which creepy, weird, or scary incident freaks you out the most?


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