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21 Dick Moves Every Original "Animal Crossing" Player Made

Anything for more bells.

1. Created an account with a strange name.

2. Shook trees for bells, even though you could get stung by a bee.

3. Fast forwarded the clock to holidays, also for more bells.

4. Did literally anything you could to piss off Tom Nook.

5. And Resetti.

6. Wrote inappropriate notes to other animals.

7. And on the town bulletin board.

8. Put up with shit like this just so you could ask animals for gifts or jobs.

9. Walked into the museum when you didn't need anything, just because you wanted to wake this guy up.

10. Screamed, "NO!" whenever Rover asked to sit by you.

11. Hoarded too many things from Lost and Found.

12. And then ran away from Booker inside, just because he'd run after you.

13. Antagonized other animals just so they'd react weirdly to you.

14. And tried to push other animals when they stood close to the water.

15. Hunted down K.K. Slider when he graced your town with his presence.

16. Went to fitness classes and did WHATEVER YOU WANTED.

17. Slammed your shovel against everything because you felt like it.

18. Went to other towns JUST so you could bring things back to sell.

19. Stared at animals while they slept.

20. Sat in strangers' homes as if you weren't being weird at all.

21. And caught other living creatures to SELL THEM AT THE LOCAL STORE.