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19 Unsettling Ways People Have Died That'll Freak You The Fuck Out

Holy shit.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most unusual death they’ve ever heard of. Here are the insane results.

🚨 WARNING: This post contains highly disturbing material. Continue at your own

discretion. 🚨 Not all submissions are from Community users.

1. Dancer Isadora Duncan was strangled by a long scarf she was wearing when it got caught in the hubcap of a car.

Wikipedia Commons / CC0 / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Via

One day in September 1927, Duncan was learning to drive her brand-new convertible. She leaned back and her scarf got tangled, tightening around her neck and dragging her from her seat onto the road.


2. The owner of the Segway company died by riding one off of a cliff.

Segway / Via, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 / Via

In 2010, less than a year after purchasing the company, Jim Heselden was riding a Segway near his home in Yorkshire, England, and fell more than 30 feet into a river.


3. Multiple people have died from "fatal water overdose" — as in literally drinking too much water.

Flickr Creative Commons / Clyde Robinson / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / Raul Pacheco-Vega / Via

Officially known as hyponatremia, this kind of death happens when sodium levels fall incredibly low. In 2007, one woman drank six liters in three hours for a contest to win a Nintendo Wii, threw up, and died hours later. Overhydration has killed many athletes as well.


4. A New York congressman died from shaving in 1921 because his brush was covered in anthrax.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Flickr Creative Commons / Tristen Sinanju / Via

Michael F. Farley was admitted into the hospital after complaining of swelling and "severe pains" that were later attributed to a deadly anthrax that had grown in his shaving brush from whatever animal the brush had been made from.

Anna Kopsky

5. The owner of a wool mill died from suffocation after getting wrapped in 800 yards of yarn.

Flickr Creative Commons / skjdksfkssdflkfsld / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / FraserElliot / Via

Paul Thomas from Connecticut fell into a machine he was operating that wound wool from one large spool to a smaller one. Police said the 1987 accident happened "fast."

6. A British man obsessed with health food drank too much carrot juice and died from the damage it did to his liver.

Flickr Creative Commons / tracyshaun / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / Farrukh / Via

Basil Brown "drank himself to death" in 1974, according to a coroner.

7. Playwright Tennessee Williams choked on a plastic bottle cap.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Flickr Creative Commons / auntjojo / Via

His body was found in New York City in February 1983, with the "plastic cap of the type used on bottles of nasal spray or eye solution" lodged in his throat. Sadly, medical examiners concluded he was trying to take other drugs using the cap and must've accidentally swallowed it.


8. In 1919, a giant molasses tank burst, resulting in a sticky, awful flood that killed 21 people in Boston.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

An insane amount of molasses — 2.3 million gallons, to be exact — engulfed the streets of the Massachusetts city, splashing up to 15 feet high, drowning horses, and even ruining a train platform.


9. A former queen of what is now Thailand died from drowning in front of many people in 1880, because it was a horrid offense to touch royalty — even to save her life.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Queen Sunanda Kumariratana of Siam was pregnant when her boat flipped over, but touching the queen could mean punishment by death, so people stood by, helpless, as she died.

10. A man in Brazil was killed in 2013 when a cow fell through his roof onto him while he was sleeping.

Flickr Creative Commons / 景摄 / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / pintandpoppy / Via

The cow is assumed to have escaped from a nearby farm, and then climbed onto the man's roof and fell through. Joao Maria de Souza ultimately died from internal bleeding, and the cow's owner was expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

—Jennifer Scott, Facebook

11. A man died at a New York football game when a 40-pound model plane shaped like a lawn mower cracked his skull.

Via, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 3.0 / Via

In 1979, John Bowen was attending a Jets–Patriots game when the strangely shaped model airplane flew into the lower seats, fatally striking him.

12. Quite a few people collapsed to death from exhaustion during a "dancing plague" in 1518.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Around 400 people began to dance and were physically unable to stop for about two months during one of the most unusual "dancing manias" of all time. Apparently, situations like this happened more than once between the 10th and 16th centuries, and many blamed demonic possession.

Sarah Wainschel

13. The Duke of Clarence was believed to have been drowned in a barrel of wine in 1478 after conspiring against his brother, King Edward IV.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Flickr Creative Commons / Tina Reynolds / Via

The execution of duke George Plantagenet was actually carried out in secret, but the drowning-in-wine rumor has been prominent now for over 500 years.

14. King Adolf Frederick of Sweden ate himself to death when he overate and his body failed to digest a giant meal.

Wikipedia Commons / Public domain, Flickr Creative Commons / Naotake Murayama / Via

He died after eating lobster, sauerkraut, champagne, caviar, and 14 servings of dessert in 1771.

15. In 1947, a New York City man suffocated when he got caught in a booby trap he'd created himself.

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Langley Collyer and his brother were notorious hoarders who set up traps to make sure people stayed out of their home. Police assumed he was trying to sneak into his house without anyone seeing him when he got caught in a two-foot wide tunnel he'd tripped himself. Langley's decomposing body was found about a month after he had died.

16. Whiskey distiller Jack Daniel died from a toe infection that spread throughout his system.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Flickr Creative Commons / StephenMitchell / Via

Yes, THE Jack Daniel (from your-dad's-liquor-cabinet fame) apparently always forgot the combination to a safe at work, kicked it open, and jammed his toe. When the toe got infected, he had to have his foot amputated — but the remnants of the infection spread, and he died in 1911.


17. A giant flood of beer killed eight people in London in 1814.

Flickr Creative Commons / Rachel Black / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

An iron ring around the Horse Shoe Brewery's 22-foot-tall wooden fermentation tank broke, splashing and spraying brown stout onto the street. It caused multiple other giant beer containers to open as well, resulting in around 320,000 gallons of alcohol being released.

18. Mary Reeser is believed to have died from spontaneous human combustion in 1951.


The FBI fiercely denied that the Florida woman could've possibly combusted out of nowhere, and there isn't solid proof that this is even possible, but when her burnt body was found on her floor, there was no fire damage anywhere around her. It seemed like she simply exploded.


19. And a Danish nobleman died from a burst bladder after refusing to go pee during a dinner party, because he didn't want to be rude.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Tycho Brahe thought it would breach etiquette to leave to use the restroom during a royal banquet in 1601, so his bladder ruptured, causing him to die.

—Kylie Casino, Facebook

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