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Dave Grohl Designed A Throne For Himself, Because He Can

It doesn't get any more legendary than this.

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He's a pretty famous musician. He currently plays with a little band called Foo Fighters. Ever heard of them?


A few weeks ago, Dave shattered his leg pretty badly when he fell offstage during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden, and did this:

Not only did he get back to performing within an hour, but he pretty much refuses to cancel any shows, because he's DAVE FUCKING GROHL.

Instead, he's been playing on this badass throne. JUST LOOK AT IT:

He sketched the idea for this chair that he'll use until he can ~learn to walk again~, complete with guitar necks as decoration, an illuminated logo, and "lasers and shit:"

He LITERALLY wrote "lasers and shit" on the sketch.

Here's a closer picture taken from the audience, where you can see the incredible detail and guitars around the bottom of The God Himself's throne:

Have you ever seen anything so majestic?!

Thank you, Dave Grohl, for reminding us yet again that rock 'n' roll is alive and well.

Broken bones and burning thrones. photo: @Danny_Clinch

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