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17 Seriously Scary Wikipedia Pages That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

Good luck sleeping tonight.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the creepiest Wikipedia pages they’ve ever read. Here are the insane results.

WARNING: Some images in this post are highly disturbing. Continue at your own risk.

1. Carl Tanzler

2. Post-mortem photography

3. June and Jennifer Gibbons

4. Whole-body transplant

5. List of people who disappeared mysteriously

6. Rosemary and Fred West

7. Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter

8. Disappearance of Zebb Quinn

9. Murder of James Bulger

Two 10-year-old boys lured a toddler away from his mom in a shopping mall and led him to some train tracks, where they mutilated the boy so badly that the autopsy couldn't reveal his actual cause of death. The boys never gave an explanation for their actions.


10. The Toy-Box Killer

11. McStay family murder

12. Exploding head syndrome

13. Karla Homolka

14. Salish Sea human foot discoveries

15. Armin Meiwes

16. Spontaneous human combustion

17. Katherine Knight

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