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19 Insanely Creepy Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of That’ll Freak You Out


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the creepiest little-known places in the world. Here are the spooky results.

1. Hotel Provincial — New Orleans

"According to tour guides, Building 5 used to be a Civil War hospital. Legend has it you might experience your bed shaking late at night, and people who've stayed there say they've definitely felt a presence."


2. Hoia Baciu Forest — Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Most people call it 'The Creepiest Forest In The World' because of its strange-looking trees, stories of UFOs, and the ghosts of peasants who are believed to lurk and protect their land. Good luck going in at night.

—Debra Ann, Facebook

3. Ted Bundy's Cellar — Salt Lake City

"You can visit what's left of Ted Bundy's Utah residence — its cellar. Down Emigration Canyon, on the side of the road, is a small patch of land covered in trees. If you dare."


4. Pluckley Village — Ashford District, Kent, England

"This is supposedly the most haunted village in ALL of England. People have claimed to see the ghost of a headmaster who killed himself, as well as a Victorian lady, and there's a forest where people hear shrieking at night, called 'Screaming Woods.'"

Anna Kopsky

5. Shanghai Tunnels — Portland, Oregon

This eerie underground system of walkways is storied with legends of hidden opium dens, illegal gambling, and other dark crimes of the past. You can even take a ghost tour or two here, which apparently aren't too shabby.


6. Craigmiles Mausoleum — Cleveland, Tennessee

"It was built for a prominent Cleveland family's 7-year-old daughter when she passed away. There's a spot on the marble archway that's a very dark red color. The rest of the marble is white. They've cleaned, refinished, and replaced the marble, but the mark always comes back in the same spot."


7. Lawang Sewu — Semarang, Java, Indonesia

Wikipedia Commons / PL09Puryono / CC BY-SA 3.0
Wikipedia Commons / Crisco 1492 / CC BY-SA 3.0

"Lawang sewu means 'a thousand doors,' and the place has SO many doors. Today, the building has no function except for tourist visits. Supposedly the ghosts haunting and protecting the building are a Dutch woman who committed suicide years ago, and a 'vampiric manifestation' of a woman who died in childbirth."


8. Beverly Hills Supper Club Site — Southgate, Kentucky

"The building burned down in 1977, and over 150 people died. 40 years later, the land remains pretty much untouched, but you can see the foundation where the building was. It's super creepy and sad to go there and know so many people died right where you're standing."


9. Palace Theatre — Canton, Ohio

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

"An organist was killed here in the 1930s, because his girlfriend was the daughter of a mobster who didn't like him. People have also reported seeing the ghost of a little girl on the balcony."


10. Monroe Woods near the Snohomish River — Monroe, Washington

"The well scene from The Ring was filmed here. I like to take my out-of-town friends to the barn where they filmed Samara growing up. It's creepy as hell."—kw5858

"The well scene from The Ring was filmed here. I like to take my out-of-town friends to the barn where they filmed Samara growing up. It's creepy as hell."


11. The Harmony Inn — Harmony, Pennsylvania

"Visitors and people who work here say this place is definitely haunted. A few friends and I went one day, and walking around felt ominous. We saw someone waving to us from the top window, which was pretty cool at first, until we realized the upstairs was locked off and no one was allowed up there."


12. Intermountain Indian School — Brigham City, Utah

"It was first built in '42 as the Bushnell Army Hospital, closed, and reopened to house and teach Native American kids who'd been taken from their families in order to 'civilize' them. The school was shut down in 1984 after horrible stories of mistreatment toward the students, but the buildings remained, abandoned and damaged over the years by graffiti and followers of the occult."


13. Myrtle Hill Cemetery — Memphis, Michigan

"There's a cemetery located near the edge of Memphis that's said to be haunted, specifically near something called the 'Witch's Ball.' I've had friends tells me they've seen faces in the reflection of the ball, and others claim it's rotated on its own. Different paranormal teams have also investigated the ball and been spooked."


14. Bull Street Asylum — Columbia, South Carolina

"It's a massive and mostly-abandoned asylum, famous for being creepy and dauntingly huge. In the early 1900s it was overpopulated and understaffed, with many reports of patient mistreatment. My friends and I visited once and found a building and found lab coats, patient files, and old letters to patients' families. It definitely lives up to its hype."


15. Choughs Hotel — Chard, Somerset, England

Google Street View: Choughs Hotel Chard Somerset

A huge fire took many buildings in Chard in 1578, but the Choughs pub remained, and as a result, many spirits lurk in and around the pub. There's also a tunnel that runs under the hotel that's part of the Chard Caves, where people supposedly used to hold satanic rituals at its entrance.


16. Third Bridge/Ghost Bridge — Aurora, Colorado

"This road is in the middle of nowhere. It's said to be the spot where a Native American Massacre took place. When you're driving at night and you're really quiet, you can hear drums."


17. Glensheen Mansion — Duluth, Minnesota

"The lady of the house and her nurse were killed mysteriously one night in the '70s, so this place is extra creepy. It's open for tours, and the flashlight tours are said to be the most active for ghost sightings."


18. Letchworth Village — Haverstraw, New York

"It's a bunch of old, abandoned asylum buildings that wanted to be the 'model example for the treatment of the mentally and physically disabled.' Unfortunately, it became pretty much the opposite of what it wanted to be, and now ominous air fills the halls of this now-ghost town."


19. And Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) — Évora, Portugal

Wikipedia Commons / Wasquewhat / CC BY-SA 3.0

It's literally a chapel decorated with real human bones that were exhumed from graves in the 1600s. It has to be at least a LITTLE haunted, because there are literally thousands of human remains in here.

—Jeanne Marie, Facebook

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