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17 Unsettling Random Facts That’ll Freak You The Fuck Out

Holy shit.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most random creepy facts they knew of. Here are the insane results.

1. The average person walks past at least 16 murderers in their lifetime.

2. There are little bugs that live on your face and eat the dead skin off of it.

3. In rare instances, dead women can give birth.

4. Over 1,600 people have gone missing in US National Parks, never to be seen again.

5. There is a parasite that destroys the tongue of a fish and then replaces the tongue with its own body.

6. The last person on Earth to have lived in the 19th century died a few weeks ago.

7. In 1518, there was a dancing plague where about 400 people began to involuntary dance for days on end.

8. There's a parasite in cat poop that can literally control rats' minds, should they eat it.

9. Every year, we unknowingly pass the anniversary of our death day.

10. Serial killer Dennis Rader would sometimes spend time in his victim's houses, hiding in their closets until they were at their most vulnerable.

11. There's a zombie fungus that basically enslaves ants for its own benefit until it kills them.

12. You're more likely to be killed by a cow than by a shark.

13. A jellyfish's mouth is also its anus.

14. Some tumors can grow teeth, be filled with hair, or develop organs of their own. Seriously.

15. Men can get erections after they die.

16. Your brain can play tricks on you to make you see monsters in the mirror, called the Troxler Effect.

17. And every time you swim in the ocean, you're basically bathing in a graveyard.

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