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21 Fucking Creepy Items You Can Actually Own

From animal hearts to cursed paintings.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the creepiest thing they own. Here are the weird-as-hell results.

1. This damn freaky creature:


"This is a Jenglot. It's a humanoid creature in Indonesian myth. We feed it by placing blood next to it, and it'll consume it somehow. The hair and fangs grow more the older they get."


2. This insanely unique piece of jewelry:

Morgan's Mutations / Morgan Loebel

"I’m such a fan of this artist's work, I had to own a piece. It's so much more gross in person. I love it, and one day I’m going to wear it out of the house!"


3. This painting that's probably, definitely haunted:


"My husband found this by the side of the road in the middle of freaking NOWHERE. Now it lives in my hallway, because I’m too damn terrified to see what'd happen if we threw it away."



5. These weird-lookin' apple dolls:


"These beauties were my grandparents'. The faces are made out of rotten, desiccated apples. Growing up, my cousins and I created ghost stories about where they came from. When my grandma died, I was the lucky one to inherit the dolls."


6. This demonic piece of decor:


"I bought this wooden mask for my husband. According to the guy I bought it from, he found it propped up against a church in Mexico in the '60s. We hung it up in the office, and I swear we heard whispers in that room."


7. This pretty artsy dead quail:


"My diaphonized quail is my favorite thing in my creepy collection. Diaphonization is when someone takes a specimen, removes the skin, and dyes the bones and cartilage. I cherish this little guy."



8. This doll that will watch you sleep tonight:


"When my great-grandmother moved into a retirement home, I was allowed to chose one of her antique dolls . Of course, I chose the creepy one and named her Annabelle."


9. This poster that's a nightmare to anyone who is afraid of clowns:


"I bought this exact picture from a garage sale. It is SO demented. I had it up in our living room, but had to take it down because it was scaring every guest who ever came over."



13. This chair, that's always watching:


"It looks like Sweeney Todd’s barber chair, which I originally thought was cool... But it’s starting to creep me out a little. The lady I bought it from said her grandson was afraid of it. I can understand why."


15. This poster that watches you as you walk by:


"I saw this gigantic doll photo at a Goodwill and it called to me. My husband doesn’t want it on the wall all the time, but it’s fun to pull out to weird people out on occasion."



19. This nonsensical contraption:


"This is by far the most terrifying object that I ALMOST purchased. For obvious reasons, I avoided buying it, the No. 1 reason being: This piece of plastic is most definitely cursed!"



21. And this inexplicably burned doll:


"My boyfriend bought this thing at an antique store. It had no back story. Even if there was one, I wouldn’t want to know: The doll is nailed to a wooden block and has been burned in multiple spots."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.