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18 Creepy-As-Hell Things That Actually Happened In 2017

N O P E.

Throughout 2017, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their spookiest experiences. From haunted dorms to creepy premonitions, here are the ones that freaked us the hell out.

1. The rotten roommate:

"I was living with my sister for a while, and one morning I watched an all-black humanoid form go into the bathroom down the hall. I sat up in bed and peered around the corner, and could see the faucets turning the water on and off — like, physically moving. Another time, this same 'mass' drifted from one wall to the next in the living room, making our dog bark and whine for an excruciatingly long time. Whatever it was seemed menacing, but I moved out before I could find out what was going on."


2. This spiritual scolding:

"My family went out of town for spring break and brought a Ouija board. A few minutes into playing, the kitchen sink turned on all by itself. When they asked who it was, the board read, 'RENAY.' My great-grandma’s name was Reyna. Since then, my mom refuses to play it again. She thinks it was her grandma telling her she’s still watching. Her grandmother was also very much against Ouija boards, so she felt like she was getting in trouble with the dead."


3. This homecoming night horror:

4. The super-scary shadow:

"My last house had a poltergeist. A full coffee can once flew across the kitchen and crashed against the microwave. My mom woke up from something pinching and pulling her legs, and one night when I was trying to sleep, something shook my bed until I sobbed, begging it to stop. The worst thing that happened though was one night around 3 a.m. when I saw a shadow on the wall next to me while I was downstairs. I thought it was my mom, so I turned to ask why she was up so late, but there was no one there. It began to feel like someone was choking me, and then all the lights flickered before cutting out completely. When that ended, I ran to my room and sobbed under my blankets for the rest of the night. My mom didn’t believe me until she spent a weekend alone in there."


5. The public transportation premonition:

"I'm very close to my best friend, and one day while on my bus home from school, she called me frantically, telling me to get off. She said she imagined my bus having some kind of freak accident. I thought it was weird, but waited to board the next bus anyway. Turns out another bus had just had a bad accident. It was the one I was just on. I'm not a believer in these things, but this incident really shook me."


6. The hellish hello:

"My roommate sat up in her bed one night, looked toward the corner of our room, and kept saying, 'hello.' She did this for about three minutes. After saying 'hello' several times, she slowly turned her head as if watching someone walk, and then looked under the bed. Her head shot up so quickly and she looked at me. I have never seen someone look that terrified in my life. Suddenly, she fell back on the bed and went to sleep. I ran out of that room so fast."


7. The emotional EVP:

"A week after my uncle died, I downloaded an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) app, and the first word to come up was 'JON' — my dad's name is John, but that's how the app spelled it — and then the word 'BROTHER' came up. I almost thew my phone at the wall at that moment, because my dad's brother had just died of cancer the week before."


8. This graveyard ghoul:

9. The ghastly game:

"My sorority sisters and I tried a Ouija board in a really old frat house on campus. We did it just to be silly, but it kept spelling out 'PAT,' '18,' 'KEG,' and 'NU.' Of course we thought that we were all messing with each other. We later found out that the frat house had been a Sigma Nu house in the '80s, but was shut down because an 18-year-old freshman named Pat died from alcohol poisoning."


10. The party phantom:

"My friends had just moved into a new house, had a party, and left some drunken voicemails for our friends. Listening back the next day, clear as can be, you can hear this really aggressive voice say 'VIVIAN' on one of the voicemails. A couple of days later, they were talking to a neighbor, asking about the neighborhood and previous tenants and learned a lady named Vivian had lived there and passed away."


11. The rambunctious revenant:

"Every night around 3 a.m. or so, I used to hear sounds coming from the vents in the ceiling of my room. Eventually, it changed to what sounded like a pill bottle being rattled in my roommate's bathroom — 3:30 a.m. on the dot, every night, for months. Sometimes I'd be sitting on the couch and suddenly feel something sit down next to me. Other times, I thought I was being watched from the other end of the dark hall. Most times it didn't feel threatening by any means... until we found the tiniest bit of blood on our light switch plate."


12. The creepy closet:

"I live in a house with roommates, and two of us have gigantic walk-in closets. One night, we decided to sit in my roommate's closet and play with the Oujia board. The experience wasn't too memorable. Well, that roommate has since moved out, and someone new moved in. One night I heard banging coming from her room, but her door was locked. So I grabbed the spare key, and at the same time, she burst out of the closet, screaming. The closet door closed behind her and she couldn't open it from the inside. There isn't even a lock on that closet door!"


13. This pre-Civil War pal:

14. The faceless fright:

"Last year was my first year of college, and I was lucky enough to have my own room. But a couple of weeks in, I started hearing knocks on my door during the night. I'd also get knocks on my windows, even though I lived on the fifth floor. One night as I was in bed doing my homework, my electricity went out. I went out to the hall, and the lights were still on. When I returned to my room to find my phone, I saw a woman sitting on my bed. She didn't have much of a face, and her clothes were torn and bloody. I ran to open my door, but it wouldn't budge. I kept hitting my door until several people finally showed up to open it. The next day, I broke my contract with the school and moved to a nearby apartment. No more living in buildings where people may have died."


15. The hovering haunt:

"My best friend came to visit me at college. Since my roommate was out of town, my BFF slept in her bed. That night, I woke up to a woman's shadow hovering over me. She was swaying back and forth, and it started to freak me out. After about a minute, she slowly slipped down the wall and disappeared. The next morning when we were getting ready, I started to mention it to my friend, thinking it might've been a dream. I barely said, 'I saw something in my sleep,' when she shot me a look from across the room. You could almost see the shiver go down her spine as she said, 'You weren't dreaming, I saw her too.'"


16. This nighttime nap spot:

17. The brutal bloodbath:

"I was alone in my apartment one night last semester. I decided to pick up some dinner, so I used the bathroom, put my coat on, and left. When I got back to my apartment within a half hour, I had to pee again, but when I turned the light on there was BLOOD ON THE WALLS AND SINK. It was as if someone who was six feet tall had a nose bleed in my bathroom. I repeat, my roommates were not home. I didn't know what to do, so I just washed off the blood and moved the hell out in May. Sometimes I still wonder if I imagined the whole thing."


18. And the lifeless lifesaver:

"My Dad and I drive through the hills a lot. He's pretty experienced, and I don't get carsick, so he really puts his boot into it. However one day, we were coming around a bend when I felt something press hard on my chest, like a hand. It pushed me back against my seat, but I managed to turn toward my Dad and say quietly, 'slow down here.' In the next moment, a car came speeding from the opposite direction. There was a near-collision. He laughed nervously as I felt the hand soften on my chest, and I looked out my window to see a cross and flowers. Someone was looking out for us."


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