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23 Ridiculously Clever Halloween Costumes You'll Actually Want

Oh hell yes.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the most unique, clever costumes they've ever had. Here are the impressive results.

1. A functioning box of wine:

2. A "sugar daddy":

"Yes. Those are my dad's clothes."


3. Color-by-number:

4. Doritos:

5. A flight attendant and her suitcase:

"I was a flight attendant and my husband was my suitcase, complete with an in-flight drink menu! We even put mini shots, small cups, and mixers in the front pocket so we could make drinks for people."


6. Sports trophies:

"We spray-painted white clothes to turn them gold and wore gold paint from head to toe!"


7. A box of mac 'n' cheese:

8. A vending machine:

"For my daughter in third grade."


9. Lady Gaga at the 2009 Video Music Awards:

"I loved making this costume and got a ton of compliments on it when I went out for Halloween."


10. The "Spice Girls":

11. The Alaskan Bullworm from SpongeBob SquarePants:

"My best friend/college roomie and I can turn anything into a SpongeBob reference."


12. Guy and Girl Fieri:

13. A pile of leaves and someone to rake it up:

14. Mother Nature and Father Time:

15. The Emmy that Donald Trump never won:

16. The Orkin Man and a roach:

"So technically my mom made the roach costume about 10 years ago. I made the Orkin Man costume last year to go with it."


17. An Amazon drone:

18. The jail space from Monopoly and a "bag of M&Ms":

19. Mr. Peanut:

"This was a costume my friend made to show how extra she really is."


20. The Kool-Aid Man:

"When the Universe give you a huge basketball-sized prop for the fall, you use it for your Halloween costume."


21. A Sky Dancer:

22. Kevin Bacon:

23. And Tequila Mockingbird:

"Made the wings myself, and I somehow managed to hang onto that bottle of tequila all night."


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