Tips And Tricks For Making Your Best BuzzFeed Quiz Yet

    Get ready to up your quiz game!

    So you already know how to make a BuzzFeed quiz (and if not, here's a quick guide here!) but how do you make a quiz that's extra BuzzFeed-y?

    ✨Here are our best tips, compiled on one page just for you.✨

    tips for creating your best quiz yet

    🚨Please note that if your post or quiz is selected to get featured across BuzzFeed's network, our editors may make a few edits to it to reflect the BuzzFeed style and tone! This includes edits to some copy, grammar, and images. 🚨

    general faqs

    Who picks which quizzes get promoted?

    Our editors choose what content can be promoted across BuzzFeed and our social networks! They typically select posts that fit with current trends or relevant topics, align with BuzzFeed's voice and standards (although we're always looking for new voices, too!), are unique and original, and do not violate our Community Rules or User Agreement.

    Can I do anything to increase the chances of my quiz getting featured?

    We're glad you asked and more than happy to give you some tips! Please remember that these tips are meant to guide you, but we cannot promise that any or all posts will be featured even if all tips are followed.

    ➡️ Make sure your headline and dek (the description that goes at the top of your post) are enticing and would make someone want to click your post.

    ➡️ Consistent capitalization and punctuation, as well as correct grammar and spelling usage, are all huge pluses!

    ➡️ We get LOTS of personality quizzes on Community so it can help to branch out by making other types of quizzes like scale quizzes, tap on image quizzes, polls, and checklists.

    ➡️ Make sure any quiz you make has at least 5 questions, and that each result includes at least a couple of sentences. A minimum of 5 questions leads to more accurate quiz results — and of course, makes for a more fun quiz!

    ➡️ Ensuring that your quiz results are accurate and don’t feel completely random. Readers are more likely to share and engage with quizzes that resonate personally with them!

    ➡️ Not sure if someone has already made the same quiz before? Search your theme + the word "BuzzFeed" into your search engine! If you see a lot of quizzes similar to the one you're hoping to make, there might be less of a chance yours will be featured. Try to tweak your idea or your headline ever-so-slightly to stand out!

    Okay, so it's been a few days...when will my quiz be featured?!

    Our editing team receives thousands — yes, thousands! — of posts every day, so it may take a while for them to see your post and consider it to be featured. Please keep in mind that we can't promise that any or all posts or quizzes will be featured!

    If your post doesn't get chosen, don't feel discouraged. And if you'd ever like more feedback on your quiz creations, reach out to and we'll be happy to help. Woo!

    Unfortunately, any content or accounts that are against our guidelines is subject to removal and won't be considered for promotion. Please refer to our guidelines for more information.

    picking a topic

    🤔Here's a mini brainstorm if you're stuck: 🤔

    1. Consider the general topic you're looking to make your quiz about. Write it down.

    2. Take a minute to scribble down every word and phrase you associate with that topic. If you'd like, time yourself with the stopwatch on your phone, or by playing a short song in the background. ⏰

    3. After that, take a peek at the types of quizzes that are currently trending on BuzzFeed.

    4. Plug some of the words that you wrote down into those titles, and there you have it: you have some ideas for quizzes!

    🤔 For a very simple example, if a current trending quiz is called "Design A Bedroom To Reveal Your True Aesthetic," but you're actually interested in making a quiz about frogs, some ideas could include:
    - "Design A Frog-Themed Bedroom To Reveal Your True Aesthetic"
    - "Design A Frog Outfit To Reveal What Kind Of Bedroom Matches Your Aesthetic"
    - "Pick Your Favorite Frog Pics To Find Out Your True Bedroom Aesthetic"

    help me with my title!

    What if I don't have an idea for a quiz title at all?

    Time to brainstorm to figure out a theme! Scroll up juuuuuust a bit and you'll find a quick one.

    You can start creating a unique quiz title by perusing other quizzes on BuzzFeed for some inspiration. Then change the topic to one you're interested in. A new quiz title could be born quicker than you expected!

    Patience is really key when you're looking to create a quiz title — you are creating art, after all.

    I have a quiz title already, but I'm not sold on it.

    1. Rework the wording a bit. Sometimes a fresh new title means switching a word from one spot to another within a sentence. It's like magic, ya know? Check out the examples under the brainstorm section above for some help with this.

    2. Change the topic ever-so-slightly. You don't have to change your entire quiz idea! For example, if your quiz is initially about Pixar characters but you think it'd actually work with Nickelodeon or DreamWorks characters, try to fit the latter topics into your title and see if it makes you happier.

    how to make fabulous quiz questions

    Before we get into it, don't forget to check out our How To Make A Quiz guide if you need a step-by-step of the process!

    1. For personality and trivia quizzes, include at least 5–8 questions, with at least 3–4 answer options per question.

    Five questions are usually the minimum amount our editors require to consider a quiz for a feature, and 8 questions is a sweet spot. Offering a minimum of 3–4 possible answers to pick from creates more chances for a quiz taker to find an option that really resonates with them. Of course, you can always add more!

    2. Make sure your questions are creative and fun to answer.

    Imagine yourself in someone else's shoes. Would *you* enjoy answering the questions in your quiz? Questions are a large part of the ~experience~, and the more creative they are, the more exciting the experience will be for everyone.

    As a simple example, say you're making a quiz called, "Which Character From Shrek Are You?" Maybe all of your questions will be Shrek-themed in some way.

    While "pick a color" and "pick an animal" are classics, more topical questions are often more exciting. Maybe "pick some waffles to make in the morning" (like Donkey suggests at the beginning of the first movie), "if you had to live in a swamp, which of these would you pick to be your home?," and/or "pick a castle from which a suitor will save you."

    3. Make your questions inclusive.

    How exciting is it when you open up a quiz and think, "I can relate to this 1000%"? Well, as a quiz creator, you have a chance to give someone else that feeling. Whether you're writing about love, TV shows, fashion, or truly any topic, remember to be as inclusive as possible so everyone can enjoy your quiz.

    Please note that if your quiz is selected for promotion, our editors may make some copy and image edits to make sure your quiz is as inclusive as possible.

    4. Save your work frequently!

    While making a quiz, you'll see a button that says "get ready for publishing" — this is your "save" button throughout your quiz-making process. Press this, and then the "save" button at the top of your draft as much as possible.

    If any quiz questions, results, or an entire post hasn't been saved and you accidentally X out, we won't have a way of recovering this info. We'll be sad if you lose one of your masterpieces, so save, save, save!

    how to make the best quiz results ever

    1. How long should my quiz results be?

    It's totally up to you, but we recommend about 2–3 sentences for any type of quiz.

    One of the reasons people get psyched about quiz results is that they can tell you something about yourself — or maybe they confirm something you *already knew* about yourself. Usually, you probably want to know more about why you got that result. So, we recommend providing that joy to whoever's taking your quiz.

    2. How many results should I add?

    Depends on the topic of your quiz!

    In a quiz meant to give someone 1 of 2 results, like an "Are You Introverted Or Extroverted?" quiz, offering just these two results would work — we just suggest adding some detailed wording to the result to make whoever is taking the quiz get excited about their result.

    For pretty much any other type of quiz, from a personality quiz to a trivia quiz to a scale quiz, 4–6 results minimum is probably a good range.

    3. Should I include images in my quiz results?

    Absolutely! That adds to the thrill of getting your result. GIFs are always welcome.

    4. Do my results have a positive tone to them?

    If someone is taking a quiz to learn something about their personality, you don't want to leave them feeling bad!

    For example, if someone gets 0 questions correct on a trivia quiz, a positive spin on their quiz result could be something along the lines of, "Ahh, nice try! You didn't get any of these correct, but that just means you should watch this movie one more time and try again!"

    5. Are my results inclusive?

    Just like we mentioned in the questions section, inclusivity is important in results. No matter what topic your quiz is about, remember to be as inclusive as possible so everyone can enjoy your quiz.

    Please note that if your quiz is selected for promotion, our editors may make some copy and image edits to make sure your quiz is as inclusive as possible.

    That's pretty much it! Now you're almost too powerful since you have all of this knowledge. Now go forth and create that masterpiece everyone's been waiting for!

    If you still have questions, feel free to email us at communityhelp at buzzfeed dot com