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19 Helpful Tips Every Bridesmaid Should Know

"I feel like we can communicate with just a look." —Bridesmaids

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1. First of all, know that being in the wedding party is guaranteed to get super expensive. 💵

Roc Nation / Def Jam

"There are so many showers and events -- plan ahead and budget accordingly."

—Sarah May, Facebook

2. Sometimes an uncooperative bridesmaid can cause a LOT of problems for the bride. Don't be the one to cause any problems.

"This is the bride's big day. Do what she needs."

—Kelly Steiner, Facebook

3. If you feel like you can't handle it, it's OK to say "no" to being a bridesmaid. Just do it ASAP, and do not wait 'til the last minute.


5. In fact, figure out early on which bridesmaid will be doing what -- have LOTS of conversations until it's clear.

—Jen Stein, Facebook

6. And if you’re the maid of honor, gear up: You're most likely gonna have way more responsibilities than the other BMs.

—Mal Reagan, Facebook


10. Weigh your dress alteration options. The shop you buy from may offer services, but there's a huge chance you can get it done cheaper somewhere else.



12. Get to know the bride’s future spouse before the big day. Go to lunch or do a group outing -- that'll make wedding events much more smooth.

13. On the big day, 👏 pack 👏 snacks 👏 in 👏 your 👏 purse. 👏 You or someone else will need them.

—Manda Jean, Facebook

14. And have a mini "emergency kit" for the wedding day. Include bobby and safety pins, band-aids, deodorant -- anything you can think of!

—Mary Chamberlin, Facebook


16. Even if she doesn't directly ask for help, be constantly offering help anyway. All brides communicate differently!

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