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19 Pictures That Prove Roommates Are Sent From Hell Itself

*hears people in the living room* *pretends I’m not home*

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the funniest pictures about having roommates. Here are the real-as-hell results.

Note: Not all submissions were sent in by Community users.

1. When you realize you'd make a pretty good ghost:

—Brett Vergara

2. When you break your back doing things around the house, but no one gives a heck:

3. When you realize you have to pick and choose your battles:

4. When you're just trying to live your life and are subjected to sinful behavior:

—Chris Gera

5. When you're trying to be polite, but Orange Is the New Black isn't gonna watch itself:

6. When your roommate invites a guest over, but communicating with other humans isn't your thing:

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook
Twitter: @Car_minita

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

7. When you try to pretend like your life is even 2% put together:

8. When you want a snack and think you're all alone, but you're wrong, so wrong:

9. And when you don't make a single damn peep:

10. When you hear heaving in the dark of night and know death is coming:

11. When you learn you're getting a new, non-rent-paying roommate:

12. And when you're so friggin' bothered, but you can't say anything because you're outnumbered:

13. When someone touches the thermostat:

14. When you try to be sneaky for once and life backfires:

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

15. When you find a way to be a master of food thievery and don't feel even a lick of remorse:

—Betty Jane Smith, Facebook

—Betty Jane Smith, Facebook

16. And when the tables turn:

—Debbie Alsip, Facebook
Twitter: @rose__milk

—Debbie Alsip, Facebook

17. When you've secretly been a bad roommate for a while now and have to pretend like you haven't been:

18. When you emerge from your cave and discover strange beings in your living space:

19. And when you realize you're not a great roommate, but an Oscar-worthy actor:

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