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    24 Annoying Things Only Hairy Girls Will Understand

    BRB gonna go chop down the forest — er, I mean, shave my legs.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community the worst parts about being a hairy girl. Here are the stubbly results.

    1. People are always pointing out how hairy you are. Like... I know.

    2. You can spend an actual entire day shaving and plucking and still later realize you missed a spot.

    FOX ADHD / Via

    —Katyna Singleton, Facebook

    3. Some days, you have to choose between taming your face, armpits, or your legs.

    4. Spontaneously wearing sleeveless shirts just doesn't happen.


    —Fee Overbeeke, Facebook

    5. More than once, you've ruined a perfectly good razor after one use.

    FOX ADHD / Via

    —Mariel Helena Odiard, Facebook

    6. You had to start shaving your legs at an ungodly age, like 12 years old.



    7. On even the hottest days, you've chosen to wear jeans to avoid having to shave.

    Katie Corvino for BuzzFeed / Via


    8. If you have sensitive skin, trying new hacks usually ends in horrid razor burns and redness.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    —Heather Alves, Facebook

    9. You always have to let *hair down there* grow out just enough, so you can shave without getting razor burn.



    10. Every morning you decide whether it's even worth taking the time to tame your upper lip hair.

    Capitol Records

    11. If you want to bare your legs several days in a row, you have to make time EACH day to maintain them.


    —Hass Montaño, Facebook

    12. People always want to pet your legs or arms for some godforsaken reason.


    13. And when you let them, they usually get grossed out.

    Paramount Pictures

    14. Sometimes you'll come across hair in places you never imagined possible — like your collarbone. WTF?

    20th Century Fox

    15. You dread going swimming, because that just equates to a lot of plucking and shaving every crevice.

    YouTube / itsGrace

    16. Sometimes you shave your armpits twice in a single day, because the hair grows back that freakin' fast.

    Warner Music Group / Interscope Records

    —Jordan Christine, Facebook

    17. Your "happy trail" is more like a haunted forest you have to constantly battle with.

    Studio B Productions

    —Cheyenne R. Lesage, Facebook

    18. Your friends have less hair on their legs after not shaving for weeks than you do two days after you've shaved.

    19. You spend all of your money on hair removal products, and for the most part, NONE OF THEM WORK.

    Warner Bros.

    20. And if a product does work, you have to use more of it than the average person would.

    Sony Records

    21. When you shave weird places like your toes and boobs, it feels even weirder when it grows back.

    Andy Gottschalk / Via


    22. Maybe some days (or most days), you just don't care and let your hair run free.

    23. People who judge you for not shaving are annoying AF.

    24. But at the end of the day you just flaunt it, because without your hairiness, you just wouldn't be the same fabulous you.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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