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17 Celebrity Conspiracies That Are So Fucking Ridiculous They Might Be True

People really think Beyoncé is Solange’s mom.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest celebrity conspiracies they've ever heard of. Here are the fascinating results.

Note: The following are *conspiracy theories* — nothing in here is presented as fact.

1. Taylor Swift is dating Karlie Kloss, and Reputation is about their relationship.

Instagram / Karlie Kloss / Via, Instagram / Karlie Kloss / Via

The way they subtly look at and touch one another in public is supposedly a dead giveaway for their love, every boyfriend has been a cover-up, and romantic lyrics from at least three songs on reputation apparently point right at Karlie. Tumblr user kaylor-evidence has every tiny little detail.

heatherl49 and elizan48

2. Beyoncé is older than she says she is, and Solange is her daughter.

Instagram / Beyoncé / Via, Instagram / Solange Knowles / Via

Though he's not the most trustworthy when it comes to Bey news, her dad has fueled this rumor, and some have gone so far as to say that her fake age is covering up the fact that her sister is actually her kid. Either way, this would mean that Beyoncé gave birth to Solange when she was... a preteen. Allllllrighty then.


3. George W. Bush hired Britney Spears to do something headline-worthy every time he did something unfavorable.

CNN / Via

This theory pretty much says that every shocking moment in Brit's life during the Bush presidency was curated to distract people whenever he made a mistake —

from breakdowns to anything Kevin Federline–related. She also spoke very highly about Bush to CNN after 9/11, in a moment believers of this theory love. BUT WHO KNOWS.



4. Lindsay Lohan’s twin in The Parent Trap was her *actual* twin who died in a horrible car accident before the movie came out.

Walt Disney Pictures

Instead of CGI, Lohan twin truthers' only explanation is that Lindsay's sister, Kelsey, somehow died before the premiere. Disney didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so no one ever found out — which is why Lindsay has had a few tough years as of late (because it's haunting her).


5. Courtney Love was responsible for the death of Kurt Cobain.

HBO, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

The theory says Kurt was going to leave her, so Courtney had him killed so she could get his money. A former LA detective and private investigator has done extensive research on this topic that led to a detailed documentary called Soaked in Bleach.


6. Brittany Murphy and her husband were murdered by the government.

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Official reports say she and her husband died from pneumonia and anemia within five months of one another, which is terrifying. But her dad said he later took a hair sample to a lab, where "heavy metals" were found in her system — and since she thought she was being watched in the weeks up to her death, her dad suspected she may have been poisoned by the government.

—Felicia Peralez and Jennifer Walsh, Facebook

7. Paul McCartney died in 1966, the Beatles replaced him with a lookalike, and then filled their songs with clues about his death.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Supposedly they began feeling guilty for lying, and started hiding clues about his death in their music — some say they can hear John Lennon yell "I buried Paul!" at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever," but Lennon insists he's saying "cranberry sauce."



8. Avril Lavigne died in 2003, and now a hired actress stands in her place.

Arista Records, Epic Records

It all started on a blog called Avril Esté Morta, where every difference in her appearance is documented between 2002 and today, along with lyrics that supposedly prove new Avril is crying for help.


9. The Room director Tommy Wiseau is actually D.B. Cooper.

Wikipedia Commons / CC0 / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

D. B. Cooper was the name given to a man who hijacked a plane mid-flight in Oregon in 1971, extorted ransom, and parachuted away — never to be identified. Cooper had a strange accent, which lines up with Wiseau’s pseudo-European accent. This could also explain why Wiseau is so secretive about his past. However, amateur investigators recently said they think they've solved the Cooper case, so this is probably just a fun theory.


10. Lorde is actually in her forties, not in her twenties.

Via, Via

Many of us were floored learning she was 16 when "Royals" was released as a single — but some have gone so far as to accuse Lorde of lying about her age, because of how wise-beyond-her-years she seems. Luckily, one website reached out for a copy of her birth certificate to prove she was really born in 1996, and she has a good sense of humor about it.

—Ali Wells, Facebook

11. Keanu Reeves is immortal.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Orion Pictures, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

We can all agree that he's aged very well — but has he *truly* aged at all? Jimmy Fallon questioned Reeves about this theory earlier this year, and Reeves swiftly tried to change the subject. DOES THAT MEAN HE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE? Probably not, but there's a fun lil' website dedicated to this theory, if you so dare to check it out.



12. The Kennedy family had Marilyn Monroe killed to prevent her from publicizing the details of her affair with JFK.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

In fact, about 20 years after her death, Monroe's housekeeper claimed that Robert Kennedy visited the actress on the night of her death and they had a huge fight. However, this rumor has been taken with a grain of salt.

alexp4a3 and wychesavannah

13. Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey.

Instagram / Katy Perry / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

This out-there theory says JonBenét was never actually killed in '96, but was instead hidden until she became who we now know as Katheryn Hudson, aka Katy Perry. A lot of things don't add up, like Katy's age and how old JonBenét would be today, but that hasn't stopped anyone from diving deep into this.

aarons4 and andreat32

14. Justin Bieber is a shapeshifting reptile.

Via, Via

In 2017, an Australian website supposedly posted, then deleted, an article about fans who had seen Bieber "slip up" and show off his reptilian form — scales and all. Apparently his bodyguard was screaming, telling them to put their phones away so there'd be no proof of their story.

—Roxanne Marie, Facebook

15. Stephen King killed John Lennon.

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.5

This one's pretty far-fetched because there were witnesses to Lennon's murder, but some hardcore believers of this theory say Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan secretly communicated to the writer through magazines, giving him orders to kill Lennon. Hmm.

Anna Kopsky


16. Lady Gaga killed her friend and assumed her identity.

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

This one is truly something: Stefani Germanotta (now Lady Gaga) was a dancer for rising star Lina Morgana, got jealous, and pushed her off a roof. Gaga then stole Morgana's identity to become famous. This whole thing is confusing because it's hard to tell which parts are real and which aren't — for example, Lina Morgana doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. WHAT IS THE TRUTH???


17. And Taylor Swift is the clone of a former Satanic leader.

Big Machine, NBC

This theory is mostly just based on how similar the two ladies look, and the fact that they are both singers. Also, people have been pointing out ~satanic symbols~ (like all the snakes) in Taylor's videos that support this wild theory. JUST GO WITH IT, OKAY?!?!


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