26 "Family Guy" Moments That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

    "IT'S GON' RAIN."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which Family Guy moments always make them laugh. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Peter gets a message from beyond.

    2. When Peter can't stop falling down, no matter how hard he tries.

    3. And when he's on the ground after his falls.

    4. Two words: Cool H-whip.

    5. Buttscratcher?! Buuuuttscratcher.

    6. When we learn Meg's real name.


    7. When Stewie does a gymnastics show in the living room and crashes into the china cabinet.

    8. When Peter brings home a new horse and wants to make it feel comfortable.

    9. When Peter has a turf war with the alley cat.

    10. The Ashlee Simpson on SNL spoof.

    11. When Consuela makes Peter repeat the same phone number, like, a million times before she goes to get a pen.

    12. The ongoing chicken fight.

    13. When Peter reminisces on the time he wore acrylic nails.

    14. When Peter has this great idea.

    15. When Stewie gets a genetically perfect pig.

    16. When Lois role plays as Grimace from McDonald's.

    17. Whenever Ollie Williams gives a short weather report.

    18. When Peter gets footie pajamas and won't stop shocking people.

    19. A Peter Griffin Christmas.

    20. This.

    21. When Peter said what we were all thinking.

    22. When Adam West plays with Lite Brite and yells, "Nobody messes with Adam We!"

    23. When Lois and Peter almost experience an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

    24. When Peter forgot how to sit down.

    25. When everyone drinks ipecac and Lois asks, "does anyone want chowder?"

    26. And of course, whenever Peter sings "Bird Is The Word."

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