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19 Fucking Brutal Murder Cases That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

How are these real?!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most gory and horrifying murder cases they've ever heard of. Here are the fucked-up results.

🚨 WARNING: This post contains very disturbing stories and images. Continue at

your own discretion. 🚨

1. Tamara Samsonova, the "Granny Ripper"

Samsonova is a 68-year-old Russian woman who murdered and ate at least 11 people and kept a diary where she detailed her crimes. She killed her friend, Valentina Ulanova, by drugging her salad with sleeping pills and using a handsaw to dismember her while she was still alive.


2. Issei Sagawa

The Japanese man fell for a woman named Renée Hartevelt while he was in France, and invited her over to where he was staying. While there, he snuck up behind her and shot her in the head. He ate her flesh for three days until he was caught in a park with two suitcases filled with the dismembered body parts.


3. Lisa Montgomery

Montgomery lied constantly about being pregnant and losing her babies. In 2004, she befriended actually pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, showed up at her house, strangled her with a rope, cut up her belly, and took out her baby. Bobbie Jo was only passed out, so she woke up and wrestled to get Lisa away from her, but Lisa then killed her.



4. H.H. Holmes

During the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, H.H. Holmes charmed and lured victims to his castle of horrors, where he murdered them and hid their bodies in the walls. Rooms were built air-tight, hallways mapped out like a maze, and a large chute was fed down to the basement where there were vats of acid to throw the bodies into.


5. David Parker Ray, the "Toy Box Killer"

Ray sexually tortured victims in a decked-out chamber he called his "Toy Box," filled with chains, whips, and even saws. Even though there's no actual proof he killed anyone, he's presumed to have murdered almost 60 women. Just awful.


6. The Greyhound Bus Murder

While aboard a packed Greyhound bus in 2008, Vince Li stabbed and beheaded 22-year old Tim McLean. He proceeded to sever the rest of McLean's body parts and eat them in front of passengers. He was found not criminally responsible due to mental illness, and is currently free.


7. The Villisca Ax Murders / ThinkStock

In Iowa on the evening of June 9 and morning of June 10, 1912, six members of the well-liked Moore family and two of their guests were bludgeoned to death with an ax, and their faces were covered with their clothing. There were quite a few suspects, but the crime still hasn’t been solved.



8. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

This rich, good-looking couple got off on killing. They raped and murdered three women — including Homolka's little sister, who was "given" to Bernardo by Homolka as a Christmas gift. While recording the entire evening, they drugged, raped, and left her for dead. What the fuck?


9. Christopher Porco

In 2004, Porco's dad's blood-soaked body was found in his home. His mom was in her bed, face mutilated by a fireman's ax, but alive. Apparently Porco had forged his parents' signatures on loans for college and a new Jeep, and they weren't happy — so he thought murdering them would solve the issue.


10. Carl Panzram

Panzram said he killed over 21 people and sodomized over 1,000 boys and men. One of his most brutal murders occurred in the 1920s when he hired six men to work on a boat with him in Angola, and shortly after he shot them dead and fed them to the crocodiles. In his autobiography, he wrote, "For all of these things, I am not the least bit sorry."



12. Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders

Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr., and David Brooks kidnapped, tortured, and killed 28 young boys from 1970 to 1973. Each victim was either strangled to death or shot, and the murders were referred to as the worst in American history at the time. The murder spree ended when Henley brutally shot Corll to death. Fucked up, right?


13. The Beast of Ukraine/The Terminator

Anatoly Onoprienko would travel the countryside of Ukraine just to find a house and kill everyone inside. He killed a whopping 52 people using a hunting rifle, axe, and shotgun between 1989–96, stole things from his dead victims, and gifted them to his fiancé — including her engagement ring.


14. Mary Bell

Bell was 10 years old when she committed her first murder, strangling a 4-year-old boy, and the following year, strangling a 3-year-old boy. For the second murder, she had an accomplice and they carved their initials on the boy's body, as well as cut off his private parts. She now lives in England under a new name.


15. The Toolbox Killers

In 1979, Roy Lewis Norris and Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker kidnapped, raped, and murdered five teenage girls in Southern California, over the period of five months. The absolute worst part? Most of the items they used to torture these poor girls were tools you'd find in your own garage.



16. Karla Faye Tucker

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She and her boyfriend broke into a friend's house one night in 1983, and while there, her boyfriend hit their friend in the head with a hammer. He started making gurgling noises that annoyed Tucker, so she grabbed a pickaxe and slaughtered the two residents in the home. She was executed in 1998 by lethal injection.


17. Edmund Kemper, the "Co-Ed Killer"

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He brutally killed six female students, two of his grandparents, and his mom by the age of 24. He found the six girls in the mountains of California, decapitated them, and had sex with their corpses. As for his mom, he killed her with a claw hammer, had sex with her head, then called the cops to turn himself in.


18. Candace Newmaker's Murder

In 2000, adopted 10-year-old Candace was taken to intensive therapy to help cope with being apart from her biological parents. During a "rebirthing" session, she was wrapped in flannels to represent a womb, and instructed to free herself. She screamed and vomited and couldn't escape, while the therapist said, "You want to die? Okay, then die." The session was transcribed, up to the moment where she suffocated.


19. And the death of Sylvia Likens

In October 1965, police found teen Sylvia Likens' starved and lifeless body, tortured by hundreds of burns and deep cuts. The attack was led by Gertrude Baniszewski, a woman Likens was staying with, with the help of Likens's friends, boyfriend, and even her sister.

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