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23 Former Scene Kids From The '00s Who Glowed The Fuck Up

Rawr XD.

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We asked the former scene kids of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they're up to today. Here are the ~br00t4l~ results.

2. "I never left my phase. I just grew up, experimented, and found myself more."

"Me in 2006 and 2017. I never really considered myself as scene back then, but I can't deny that style definitely influenced the way I looked. And I suppose my makeup skills have thankfully developed."



4. "I used to go for the androgynous look, and now I just want to be comfy."

"Also fun fact, the Pokémon shirt in the first photo was from the kids' section, and I thought it was ~cool~ that I could fit into it."


5. "I’m 24 and getting my masters in comparative literature."

"I went from emo to scene when I was about 15. I loved Hello Kitty, Pokémon, Brokencyde, Hollywood Undead, my hair dye, and eyeliner. I still have my piercings and I still love eyeliner, but I can’t help but laugh at pictures of younger me."


6. "I'm almost 27, married, have two kids, and I recently became a birth doula."

"I was, and still am, into hardcore/emo/screamo music. Those days were honestly all a blast and I loved it!"


7. "I have learned to embrace my naturally curly hair and not straighten it to a point where it feels like straw."

"From 13/14 to 19 years old. Please notice the unnaturally black hair, handmade 'kandi' choker, and bangs that I cut myself."



9. "I’ve been on tour as a professional figure skater and am now starting a career as an event planner."

"I still have a septum ring, 13 more tattoos, and will rock a colorful wig once a month. Don’t even get me started on my 'Myspace Dayz XD' playlist."


10. "I still listen to the same music and I feel as though my old scene kid self comes out very often."

"My scene phase was the greatest part of my childhood. I remember chopping the hell out of my hair and covering my eyes in black eyeliner. Oh, and wearing Hello Kitty everything and putting 'racoon stripes' in my hair — which in my opinion should come back into style."


11. "I'm not using the Myspace angle anymore."

"2007 vs 2017. When I got my hair dyed black and red like that, I took a picture of Gerard Way into my hair dresser as inspiration. And let’s not forget that angle."



12. "I live in Florida, work in social media for a national real estate company, and still listen to Forever The Sickest Kids."

"Just call me ANDR3ALIV3 <3 XD. My hair is now my natural color and I haven't touched a straightener since high school. I miss my colored hair, but the corporate office life demands I remain 'professional looking.'"


13. "From confused and moody to married and incredibly happy!"

"From 15 to 23, I still love my emo music, but I have grown so much! I’m glad things changed for the better!"


14. "I'm a makeup artist now."

15. "I'm still a little strange, but with better clothes and makeup."

"I have no clue what is happening in the left picture — probably one of my worst outfits ever. I was 16 then and am now 25. I am now a wife and a mom of two kids, and I cook for a living."



16. "I'm graphic designer. The experience I gained designing merch and album art for my friends' bands in high school really helped me get a jump on my career skill set."

"On the left at 14 years old in 2006, and the right at 24 years old. I went from br00t4l brass knuckle necklaces and bandanas to dressing for the job I want and grooming myself accordingly!"


19. "Haven’t exactly let go of my phase, but at least I learned how to do makeup."


22. "I’m a hairstylist now, instead of a manager at Zumiez. I’m a mom to twin boys."

"There are 10 years between these pictures. I’ve moved cross country, twice. The 'scene' traits are part of me. I'm still listening to the same music as always."


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