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17 Reasons Being The Oldest Sibling Is The Goddamn Best

Don't EVER forget: The oldest means we were born first.

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We asked BuzzFeed Community members what they like about being the oldest sibling. Here are the heartwarming results.

1. As the oldest, you get to experience ~life events~ before your younger sibs. Meaning you're much wiser.


"I learned how to drive first and was told the dark truth about Santa."

-- Maggie Holtorf, Facebook

2. Older siblings love being the go-to confidant when Mom and Dad just don't understand.


"When I moved out, my brother would come over, play video games, and talk about his stresses at home. Then he'd go home and sort things out."

-- Helene Støvring, Facebook

3. While your younger siblings are stuck with your hand-me-downs, you get brand new clothes.

-- Nina Mortenson, Facebook

4. You have the opportunity to be the ~cool older sibling~ in the eyes of your brothers' and sisters' friends.

-- hannahg

5. As the oldest, you aren't expected to follow in anyone's footsteps.

"My parents had expectations for me, but I got to be what I wanted, with no added pressure."

-- mollym4

6. But you kind of love that your younger brothers and sisters are usually expected to follow in your footsteps.

"My little brothers might've hated this, but it always felt great to kick ass in school and then hear my parents say, 'Why don't you be more like your brother?'"

-- Josh Schoonover, Facebook

7. You get first dibs on some pretty important stuff, like which character you want to be in Mario Kart.


"It was an unspoken rule that I got Mario every time, and my younger brother got Luigi. And that's how it'll always be."

-- Adrienne Castro, Facebook

8. And you've always gotten dibs on other important things, like the family car, and the bigger bedroom.

9. Growing up, you always got to be "in charge" whenever your parents were away.

-- Leslie Saint, Facebook

10. You also had other people to blame for your mishaps when you were little (SORRY, BUT IT'S TRUE).

-- Daria Artamonova, Facebook

11. You know you're lucky to have younger siblings to *gently* push your interests upon.

Columbia Pictures / Dreamworks Pictures

"I love knowing that he wants my opinion on movies, books, and music, and it's even cooler when we can talk about it!"

-- evanicole29

12. And you're honored to have the responsibility of telling them what kind of life choices to NOT make.

Buena Vista Television

"I'm happy I get to at least TRY to save my sister from some of the things I've been through, so she doesn't have to suffer."

-- katelynh4

13. You get to stand up for your younger siblings and fight off ANYONE who hurts their feelings or talks shit.

"I'm the only one allowed to make fun of them. Anyone else better watch their backs!"

-- katawilliams22

14. You feel extra fabulous when you succeed, because you're setting a good example.

15. You love being able to watch your baby brothers and sisters grow up to be pretty cool people...


-- Erika Drewke, Facebook

16. And you get the satisfaction of knowing you had a pretty big influence on the kind of person they become.

"It's pretty damn rewarding to see them getting older, and knowing you helped shape them."

-- Olivia Suarez, Facebook

17. But most of all, as you get older, you still have your younger, built-in friends to keep you youthful at heart.

"You have a built-in best friend who's interested in things you'd otherwise probably not know about. You can learn from them like they learn from you."

-- marie-elenad

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