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    19 Secrets Party City Employees Will Never Tell You

    Cause of death: Halloween season.

    1. First of all, we start preparing for Halloween season in July — it's our busiest, most fun season.

    That's right. The same month as Independence Day.

    2. And the whole month of October, we're required to wear costumes — but that doesn't bother us, tbh.

    3. One of our worst nightmares is having to fix the party favor aisle.

    4. Yes, the generic Kidz Bop-ish songs that play over our speakers make us cringe, too.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    5. We KNOW that our "1/2-off manufacturer's price" stickers are confusing and annoying as hell — but that's out of our control.

    Nickelodeon / Party City

    6. And we hate having to explain the whole "MSRP" thing to people, because it's always assumed we're trying to rip them off.

    20th Century Fox

    It means Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price — so when something says "50% off MSRP," it doesn't mean it's on sale. WE HATE IT, TOO.

    7. While our stores are kid-friendly, we reallllllly dislike when people expect us to act as babysitters.


    8. Making balloon bouquets can get exhausting, but we are damn proud of our skills.

    9. And we know a strange amount of tips and tricks for making those bouquets perfect — we spend a loooot of time with balloons, folks.

    10. We eat SO MUCH CANDY: chocolate, Smarties, even that random sour shit. It's just always available.


    11. Because our stores are so fun and upbeat, we tend to get along with our coworkers really well.

    12. On cold autumn days, everyone dreads being the person to stand on the street and hold the Halloween sign.

    13. But if it's warm, it's the best. Because we can listen to music and dance around the entire shift.

    14. Every employee has had dreams (and nightmares) about the chaos and magic that is the costume wall.

    15. Because we work almost every day during Halloween season, we quickly learn the numbers of every costume on the wall by heart.

    16. And those numbers are drilled into our minds so often that some of us actually remember them for life.

    Sony / Parkwood

    17. The day after Halloween is the most peaceful day of the entire year...

    MyDamnChannel / YouTube / Via

    18. ...except for those few guests who come slithering in, asking if we have any costumes on sale. We're saving them for next year. SORRY.

    19. And of course, we're the damn BEST at throwing parties, because that's pretty much our entire life. 🎉

    Capitol Records / Interscope

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