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25 Badass '90s Female TV Characters Who Were Total Role Models

“I’m a damsel, but not the distressed kind.” — Topanga, Boy Meets World

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community which '90s TV ladies they looked up to. Here are the inspiring results.


4. Khadijah James, Living Single

She was editor and publisher of her self-started magazine, Flava. She was an independent female entrepreneur who encouraged other women to do the same.

—Shannon Camille Moman, Facebook


11. Ginger Foutley, As Told By Ginger

I wanted to grow up to be her because she was so real, and the things she experienced were completely relatable. She handled everything with grace, from her boyfriend cheating on her to her BFF being disloyal.



13. Lindsay Weir, Freaks And Geeks

She’s good at math and interested in politics, and stood up for her beliefs — sometimes even against her own family. She’s open-minded, and tried to do what was right, even if it wouldn’t benefit her.



19. Roz Doyle, Frasier

She was never one to apologize for her lifestyle. Whenever Frasier, Niles, or Bulldog made her the butt of their jokes, she knew how to hit back with twice as much force.

—Ann Catherine Hughes, Facebook


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