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17 Fucked-Up Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard About Serial Killers

Besides the fact that, y’know, they killed people.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the creepiest things they know about serial killers. Here are the horrifyingly interesting results.

🚨 This post contains highly disturbing information and images. Continue at your

own discretion. 🚨

1. Jeffrey Dahmer gave the people in his apartment building sandwiches that could've possibly been made from his victims’ flesh.

Fair Use / IFC Films

In the documentary The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, one of his neighbors, Pamela Bass, says she thinks every single day about how she probably ate human flesh by accident.


2. Rodney Alcala, aka the "Dating Game Killer," won an episode of The Dating Game in 1978 — in the midst of his murder spree.


In 2012, the woman he won a date with so many years ago said they never actually met up, because he seemed "creepy" when she met him backstage.


3. The Gainesville Ripper purposefully "posed" his victims' dead bodies to amplify the gory scene for when law enforcement arrived.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

It was like some messed-up murder showcase for him.

—Kayla Carroll, Facebook

4. H.H. Holmes sometimes sold the skeletons of his victims to medical schools.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Flickr Creative Commons / biologycorner / Via

—Ann Catherine Hughes, Facebook

5. The BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, would stalk and break into his victims' houses to wait for them before he killed them.

Getty Images / Pool

He hid in the homes and watched them go about their lives. Sometimes he SLEPT there. Not okay.


6. Robert Pickton ground up his victims and fed them to the pigs on his farm.

Getty Images

He confessed to killing 49 women, but said he wished it had been an even 50. Alrighty then, buddy.


7. Though one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, Ted Bundy ironically used to work at a suicide hotline.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

He was officially linked to over 36 murders, even though he spent much of his time convincing people to not kill themselves. So creepy.

maggiek and elizabethdianeb

8. He also never admitted to the true number of women he murdered. When the count officially reached 36, he slyly said "add one digit." So it could be 361, 136, or something else — we'll never know.


—Samantha Martin, Facebook

9. Richard Ramirez, aka "The Night Stalker," would often pick homes at random, and enter through unlocked doors and windows.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Getty Images / va103

Sometimes he stole valuables, sometimes he raped, and sometimes he killed — it all depended on how you interacted with him.


10. Joe Metheny, aka "The Cannibal," would mix the flesh of his victims with animal meat and sell it as burgers at his food stand.

Public Domain /

He said, "If you mix [them] together no one can tell the difference.” WHAT.


11. Ed Kemper, aka the Co-ed Killer, narrated hundreds of books on tape for blind people while in prison in the '80s.

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 3.0 / Via

Kemper, who confessed to eight murders in 1973, was in charge of the program at his prison that benefited blind patrons, and won two awards for his service.


12. Dahmer also didn't wear his glasses in the courtroom during his trial because eye contact made him uncomfortable.

13. And one of his victim's lives could have been spared, had Dahmer not been so charming to the police.

NBC / Getty Images / Evkaz

With a hole drilled in his head, the victim escaped from Dahmer's apartment one night, trying to communicate with bystanders, who called the cops. Dahmer convinced the police that they'd just had a lover's quarrel, and they allowed Dahmer to take the man back inside, where he was later killed.

jillm416 and Kayla Carroll, Facebook

14. When police asked Henry Lee Lucas why he didn’t join his partner in crime, Ottis Toole, in barbecuing and eating their victims, he replied, “I don’t like barbecue sauce.”

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use / Public Domain

15. Albert Fish used to shove pins and needles into his anus and scrotum just to feel the pain.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

He first tried it after his first wife left him, and then started doing it more often in the years to come.


16. He also wrote a letter to one of his victims' parents, describing how tasty her body was.

Plateresca / Getty Images / Anna Kopsky

Fish initially met up with a young man named Edward Budd with the intention of killing and eating him. But when he met Budd's younger sister, Grace, his attention shifted to her. You can read the letter here.

—Ariel Sauln, Facebook

17. And Richard Chase would capture small animals and devour them raw, sometimes blending the corpses with Coca Cola to make a milkshake.

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use /

AKA "The Vampire Of Sacramento," he also tried to inject himself with rabbit blood once, and would suck the blood out of birds.

—Corin Elizabeth, Facebook

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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