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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Had Strict Parents

*gets in trouble for breathing*

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the hardest parts about growing up with strict parents. Here are the all-too-real results.

1. First of all, even if you tried, you couldn’t keep a single secret from your mom and dad.

2. And trying to explain your parents' rules to your friends resulted in them looking at you like you had a third eye.

3. You bet your ass you made perfect attendance in school — even though you really didn't have a choice.

4. You wouldn't dare ask to leave the house unless your entire damn house was spotless.

5. When you asked to go literally anywhere, you were starting a tricky game of 20 questions.

6. Most of the time you didn't even ask to see your friends, because you were 99.9% positive your parents would say "nah."

7. And going out after it was already dark outside? HAHAHAHA, NOPE.

8. This exchange hits very close to home for you:

9. When your parents said you could go out, you tripped over yourself to run out the door.

10. Even when your friends planned outings around your curfew, you’d still always be the first person to go home.

11. And you'd sweat bullets when your curfew was 10 p.m., and at 9:45 your ride calmly said, "We’ll leave in a minute."

12. If you ever dared to be even a minute late after curfew, you knew you'd be on total lockdown until you were in your grave.

13. You pretended the things you saw on TV were scandalous, because you wanted your mom to think you were an angel.

14. Talking to your parents about your day was like completing a goddamn obstacle course.

15. And they'd always burst into your room at random hours to catch you doing something bad, but you'd usually just be sitting there like:

16. You'd never curse in front of them, because you knew you'd be sent to your funeral.

17. You became a master at slightly fabricating your plans, because you never knew if the truth was safe.

18. When your friends told you all the shit they were allowed to do, you'd look at them in disbelief and question your existence.

19. And though they just wanted the best for you, you know those moments from your childhood will be burned in your mind FOR-EV-ER.

Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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