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27 Ridiculously Weird Things Kids Actually Got While Trick-Or-Treating

Because no kid wants a stapler for Halloween.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest things they've gotten trick-or-treating. Here are the crazy results.

1. "My neighbor gave out period starter kits to the girls and condoms to the older kids."

Matka_wariatka / Getty Images
Walt Disney Pictures

—Brittany Locklin, Facebook

2. "Potato salad in a plastic bag."

Paul_brighton / Getty Images

3. "One year I got an actual cat. His name’s Levi and I still have him 17 years later."

Bart_kowski / Getty Images

4. "A wig."

Humbak / Getty Images
Universal Studios


5. "A baby turtle and a can of orange soda."

Trubavin / Getty Images
Walt Disney Pictures

6. "A gingerbread cookie in the shape of a penis."
Universal Studios

7. "Pamphlets about why Halloween was a celebration of Satan."

ThinkStock / Anna Kopsky
Universal Pictures

—Chelsee Brunson-Moine, Facebook

8. "I got a small plank of wood. Literally. A plank."

Steve Gorton / Getty Images

9. "A Christmas crossword puzzle."

ThinkStock / Anna Kopsky

10. "A little metal elephant figurine."

Mere1 / Getty Images
20th Television

—Amy Lynn Donohue, Facebook

11. "A deflated balloon that said 'Over The Hill.'"

ThinkStock / Anna Kopsky
Paramount Pictures

12. "A packet of McDonald’s croutons."


13. "A pack of cigarettes for my dad, who was trick-or-treating with me."

The Geffen Film Company

—Krystal Watanabe, Facebook

14. "One house gave out pizza slices, but also made you put your name in a raffle to win a huge model airplane."

Uğur Aydın / Getty Images


15. "I got an Xbox 360 last year from a stranger. It worked fine."
Walt Disney Pictures

16. "A mini pumpkin-shaped Bible."

Halfpoint / Getty Images
Walt Disney Pictures

17. "A walnut… with 'Happy Halloween' written on the shell."

Leungchopan / Getty Images

18. "An Avon lady would always give out guest soaps shaped like animals."
The Geffen Film Co.

—Matt Michaud, Facebook

19. "One year I got a miniature scrapbooking kit, because I 'looked like a smart kid.'"

Krystal Slagle / Getty Images

20. "Live goldfish — not even in plastic bags. They just panicked and dumped fish into our bags."

Cookelma / Getty Images

21. "Bouillon cubes. The stuff you use to make broth."

Unilever Foods
Paramount Pictures

—Eliot Alen Walnut, Facebook

22. "Old coins from all over the world. This guy put them in little squares with the date and what country on them."

Artem Povarov / Getty Images
Walt Disney Pictures

—Aly Galbraith, Facebook

23. "One house always had a bowl of hotel toiletries and Mary Kay samples."

Kenishirotie / Getty Images
Twisted Pictures

—Mariel Paré, Facebook

24. "One woman gave out small potted plants. I named mine Jared."

Moodboard / Getty Images

—Kyrie Hinkle, Facebook

25. "A hair dryer."

Dave King / Getty Images
Cartoon Network

26. "A Christmas ornament, cat toy, and a single crayon, all from one house."
Dimension Films

27. "A package of hot dogs."

Dmitriy Eliseev / Getty Images

—Katy Lynn Patterson, Facebook

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