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17 Passive-Aggressive People Who Are More Savage Than You

People are wild.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most passive-aggressive thing they've ever done. Here are the savage results.


1. The pube problem:

"In college I lived with my best friend, and her boyfriend was always over. I'd find pubes all over the sink, which I secretly hoped were from his face, so eventually I started picking up the hairs and placing them in my friend's pillow case. They broke up soon after, and she said she thought he was weird because 'he was putting his pubes in her pillowcase.' I didn’t tell her it was me."


2. The ferret fiasco:

"I shared an apartment with two people: a friend who had a ferret, and a girl I found on Craigslist. One night, my friend and I were out, and her ferret escaped from its cage. So it was just running around our apartment, pooping everywhere, and when we got back, the other roommate had gone to every little poop pile, leaving notes with angry messages."


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3. The toiletry trouble:

"I ate my roommate's leftovers one time, so she filled my shampoo bottle to the top with toothpaste, and my toothpaste tube with shampoo. I switched roommates after that, and I still have no idea how she managed it."


4. The vocal vengeance:

"A girl in my music class kept saying I wasn't singing loud enough. So when it came time to vote on who should perform a solo in front of our school, I made all my friends vote for her and she ended up getting the solo. Her horrible singing in front of a thousand students in an international school made me so happy. Sweet, sweet revenge."



5. The size situation:

"It was the end of spring and my (now ex) boyfriend's mother decided to buy me a bathing suit. She bought a double XL, knowing very well that I wear smalls and mediums. She took subtle shots at me regarding my weight all the time, but this was the most passive-aggressive of them all."


6. The mulch mess:

"We have a company that mows our yard in the summer, because our grass grows thick and fast. For some reason the guy kept leaving the mulch on our yard, even after I politely asked him several times not to, which caused my sister’s allergies to act up. So I hate-scraped all the grass into separate piles all around the yard and left it for him to clean up."



7. The magnet melee:

"One drunken night my roommate and I got in a huge fight, and for a week we wrote each other passive-aggressive notes using the magnet word sets on the fridge. We got the ~sassy pack~, so we were calling each other 'rude bitch in a tacky velour sweatsuit' all week long."


8. The consistent conflict:

"For my 40th birthday, my mother sent me a dollar store vegetable peeler. That same year, she sent my husband a $50 bill for his birthday."



9. The sock squabble:

"I started to get suspicious that my college roommates were taking my socks, since the dresser where I kept them was right by my bedroom door, which was right by the front door. It sounds crazy, but I'm particular about how I shut my drawers, and I'd constantly come home to find them open. So one weekend when I was traveling, I decided I was done with sock thieves, and I strung streamers across my room attached to my door, making sure it wouldn't be possible to get in without ripping the paper so I'd have proof of someone entering. There was a significant amount of grumbling about my lack of trust...which kind of proved my point."

—Angelica Pendleton, Facebook

10. The banana battle:

"Once I made my sister angry, so she pulled all the tops off of the bananas in our kitchen. I don't even eat bananas."



11. The shoe skirmish:

"My boyfriend's roommate gets really mad if he leaves his shoes on the wood floor, rather than putting them on the shoe mat in the entry way. Every time he forgets to put them on the mat, his roommate throws his shoes down the stairs. I don't know why, but I find it so funny!"


12. The toilet paper tiff:

"During one of my years at college, I had a roommate who always used my bathroom, even though she had her own. She'd always use all of the toilet paper, and would never replace the roll. After many failed attempts of asking her to refill the TP, I decided to keep it in my room and take a roll with me when I went in and out of the bathroom. That way, if she *really* wanted to use my bathroom, she'd have to provide her own TP. "

—Deb Jones, Facebook


13. The cupcake controversy:

"A co-worker of mine smeared a cupcake on someone else’s desk for failing to empty the shredder bin. This is a 45-year-old man."


14. The sisterly struggle:

"My little sister used to come into my bedroom and flip my desk chair upside down when she would get mad at me. Even if it was a small fight, my 6-year-old sister would flip my chair just to let me know she was annoyed."



15. The bathroom brawl:

"The first week of living with my roommate, I decided to buy some things to spruce up the bathroom. I was feeling generous, since I was saving money on rent, so I bought a marble soap dispenser, some fluffy towels, and other cute-but-useful things. For some reason, when I called my roommate to ask about bath mat colors, she got a major attitude, yelling, 'Why don’t you buy stuff we actually need, like toilet paper?!' She came home to a freshly decorated bathroom and an absolutely massive pyramid of toilet paper rolls sitting on the dining room table."


16. The sugar scuffle:

"When I was younger, my cousin was staying with me for a while and would always make a mess with the sugar when she used it. Like, she was leaving copious amounts on the counter for me to clean up. One day, I asked her politely to clean it up, and she replied, 'Why don’t you do it? This isn’t my house.' Later on, I angrily dumped wet sugar under her sheets. I know it was immature, but I was 13 and pissed. Guess who cleans up their messes now?"



17. And the fried chicken feud:

"My old roommate had a tendency of leaving her leftover fried chicken on my wooden kitchen table to saturate with grease. So one weekend, I put the fried chicken bag on her bed to saturate while she went home to visit. Never was a problem again."

—Rebecca O'Neill, Facebook

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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