How To Tell If You’re Friends With An Extreme Harry Potter Fan

When it’s not just a book…it’s a goddamned religion.

1. They’ve already handled their funeral arrangements.

2. Upon discovering that the love of their life had never read the books…

3. This is probably considered animal cruelty, but they would never call PETA about it.

4. They went to London with you, specifically for this photo op.

Big Ben? They don’t know who (and I quote) “that man” is, and they don’t care.

5. They know the abbreviation for the District Attorney but refuse to accept its legitimacy.

There can only be one.

6. They’ve written articles on MuggleNet.

There was a lot of dead time between the sixth and seventh books.

7. When someone says that they love Harry Potter, but they’ve only seen the movies…

8. …you know that you guys will be leaving the party early.

9. Once, they made Butterbeer with an online recipe and brought it to your potluck.

10. Then, there was that time that you tricked them with a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

11. Things got real serious for a minute.

It’s been a few years, but the friendship’s still not the same.

12. They didn’t use Green Day for their senior quote in the yearbook.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. You just have to wonder if it was worth sitting alone at lunch for.

13. They bid for weird JK Rowling stuff on eBay.

But everyone is just really happy that they’re not going through her trash anymore.

14. If this sounds like your friend, I know that it is sometimes hard dealing with their psychosis, but…………………………

15. …………………… could be a lot worse.

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