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    8 Reasons Why The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Is The Most Underrated Disney Movie

    How has this absolute gem stayed under the radar for so many years?

    1. The Animation


    the beautiful artistry that went into this classic style of Disney animation is absolutely stunning and makes it worth the watch alone.

    2. The Unconventional Protagonist


    Quasimodo isn't a princess, he defies conventional standards of beauty, and has an absolutely beautiful heart despite being mistreated and secluded from society for his entire life. He is a true cinnamon roll.

    3. Esmeralda


    Our female protagonist is a beautiful, strong woman of color that is confident in her sexuality and has a heart of gold - and her comebacks are always on point.

    4. Romance Isn't the End Goal


    Yes, Quasimodo falls for Esmeralda - but she wasn't the answer to his problems. Esmeralda instead ends up with Phoebus, and Quasimodo finds acceptance in the world he always wanted to be a part of, which is what mattered in the end.

    5. A Terrifying Villain


    Judge Claude Frollo is terrifying because he isn't a two-dimensional caricature - he is a man of power who truly believes he is doing the right thing, and is blind to his own hypocrisy. He's so unsettling because he could very easily be a real person.

    6. The Incredible Soundtrack and Score

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    Hunchback's music is some of the most underrated work that Disney has ever produced. The bells and monastic chanting create an incredibly well-matched atmosphere to the film, and while "The Bells of Notre Dame," "God Help the Outcasts," and "Out There," are all stand outs, the eerie juxtaposition of "Heaven's Light/Hellfire" takes the cake as possibly the most powerful piece that Disney has ever given to its audience.

    7. The Cathedral Herself


    Notre Dame Cathedral provides an absolutely beautiful backdrop for the film's story, and is so instrumental to the plot that she can almost be considered a character herself.

    8. The Message


    Despite being set hundreds of years ago, the messages of tolerance and acceptance taught throughout the film are still excruciatingly relevant in a modern setting - especially lately.

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