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    These Virtual Travel Experiences Are Going To Be What Gets You Through Quarantine, I Promise

    Staycations have never been so thrilling.

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    Let's face it, traveling is an irreplaceable experience, and while stay at home orders mean we can't go exploring just yet, we can bring the world to our homes in the meantime.


    From celebrity chef-led cooking classes on Instagram to live streams of concerts to virtual tours of museums — the world has responded quickly to "social distancing" orders, making it easier than ever to "travel" without leaving your home. So add these virtual experiences to your quarantine bucket list for the ultimate staycation.


    From China to Peru, you can experience the world's most epic landmarks without the epic crowds, thanks to livestreams, virtual tours, and 360-degree videos.

    Buckingham Palace

    Great Wall of China: Mentally climb one of the seven wonders of the world with a virtual tour.

    Wonders of the World: While you're at it, why not cross all the new seven wonders off your bucket list (like Machu Picchu, Petra, and the Taj Mahal) with these 360-degree tours.

    Sistine Chapel: Marvel at the intricate ceilings of this treasured religious landmark in Vatican City with seven virtual tours.

    CN Tower: Peer over Downtown Toronto with a live stream from the top of this 1,815 foot (553 meter) architectural wonder.

    Buckingham Palace: You'll have four rooms of the Queen's official residence all to yourself with these virtual tours.

    Jerusalem's Old City: Learn about this holy pilgrimage site with a 360-degree tour that packs a full day of exploring into a few minutes.


    Museums around the world are offering virtual tours, online collections, and interactive experiences, aka endless entertainment for history buffs and art lovers.

    The National Palace Museum

    The Louvre: Journey from ancient Egypt to the Victorian era with four virtual tours at this Parisian museum.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Met Gala may be canceled but you can still get your costume fix with the online collection at The Costume Institute. They've got 26 other online exhibits for you to explore too.

    The British Museum: Take a virtual tour of the Oceania or Prints and Drawings galleries, or browse their online collection, home to over one million objects.

    Grammy Museum: Take a music education lesson or listen to a curated Spotify playlist while browsing the newly released archival content — the Museum at Home program has you covered.

    Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Current and permanent exhibitions, research stations, the Smithsonian Castle... You can cover a lot of ground at this museum with their virtual tours.

    International Center of Photography: The Visual History of Hip-Hop exhibit at this newly opened museum is a must for hip-hop fans. Thankfully you can sneak a peek via their virtual tour; check out their audio guide and Spotify playlist to complete the experience.

    The Dalí Museum: Browse the four online exhibits, or for something more interactive download the Dreams of Dalí virtual reality experience.

    The National Palace Museum: Go treasure hunting for Chinese artefacts that date back as far as the Neolithic age through their 720-degree virtual tour, complete with audio and animated stories.


    If the view from your window is starting to get old, consider virtually exploring the great outdoors instead — many of our planet's best national parks, hiking trails, and natural wonders can be ~experienced~ online.

    Google Arts & Culture

    Yosemite National Park: From the epic views atop the Diving Board to the jaw-dropping Nevada Fall, the 360-footage of California's Sierra Nevada mountains is breathtaking.

    Inca Trail: The long trek to Peru's iconic Machu Picchu can be condensed into one hour with this virtual journey (best part — you won't be sore after!).

    Northern lights: Tune into a live stream from Northern Canada and you might just be able to cross this natural phenomenon off your bucket list.

    Carlsbad Caverns: Carlsbad Caverns National Park's 119 caves are yours to explore with a park ranger on this virtual tour. Don't miss The Big Room, it's the largest single cave chamber in North America.

    Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: Escape to Australia's Northern Territory with this virtual tour that includes stories and songs from Anangu, the traditional owners of the land.


    If your idea of the ideal evening on vacation is a night out on the town, you're in luck — comedy clubs, Broadway, and even local bars are bringing the entertainment to you.


    Cuddling with furry friends at home not making up for forgone safari or diving plans? Thankfully you can be a fly on the wall at top-notch zoos and aquariums via live stream cameras.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    San Diego Zoo: Peek inside the enclosures at this world-famous zoo via one of their 10 live-streaming cameras. Heartwarming pandas and koalas? Yes please.

    Houston Zoo: Six live camera streams lets you watch gorillas, giraffes, and even leafcutter ants in their habitats.

    Cincinnati Zoo: Check out this zoo's Facebook page for their educational "Home Safari" live stream that highlights one animal each day and includes an activity to do at home (perfect for the kids!). Don't miss the heartwarming video series about Fiona, a prematurely born baby hippopotamus.

    Beekman 1802's farm: The super adorable baby goats at this farm are perfect if you just need a quick hit of visual comfort.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium: Watch waddling African penguins or get up close and personal with sharks — this world-renowned aquarium has 10 live streams for you to choose from. Don't miss the Moon Jelly Cam — it's exactly the kind of ASMR video we need right now.

    Great Barrier Reef: Whether you're an avid or aspirational diver, this virtual tour with David Attenborough will cure any deep-sea wanderlust.


    If there's one silver lining to all the music festival cancellations, it's that you can now have that intimate one-on-one concert you've always dreamed of — musicians around the world are offering free live online performances to encourage people to stay home.


    Tired of staring at your houseplants? Get your nature fix with a virtual visit to some of the country's top greenhouses.

    Anna Haines / Via

    Garfield Park Conservatory: Chicago's stunning indoor green oasis offers digital tours that are as pretty as they are educational.

    Volunteer Park Conservatory: This historic Seattle landmark went live every day for a week to support Washington's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order — check out the recordings on their Facebook page for a quick hit of relaxation.

    National Cherry Blossom Festival: Catch the cherry blossoms before they're gone with the live bloom cam and a virtual tour of the Tidal Basin.

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Take a relaxing tour of this European-inspired estate overlooking Miami's Biscayne Bay.


    With several food and wine experts dishing out their tips and tricks online (for free!), now's your chance to take that once-in-a-lifetime cooking class you've always dreamed of.


    Just because you swapped your spring break wellness retreat for a socially distanced "retreat" home, doesn't mean you can't recreate the R&R vacay vibe.

    Corepower Yoga

    Virtual yoga: If you had to cancel a yoga retreat, you'll love that Corepower Yoga recently made their online classes free. They're just one of countless fitness studios that are offering free virtual classes.

    The Dojo Upstate Sound Bath: Grab that eye mask and find a cozy resting spot for the ultimate sensory escape — a sound bath live streamed from this listening room in New York's Hudson Valley.

    Well-being workshops: If you've ever been curious about breath work, now's your chance — wellness guru Maryam Ajayi will be leading several sliding-scale sessions this Spring. Or sign up for one of Holisticism's virtual well-being workshops to dive into topics like chakra healing.


    And if our planet just isn't that appealing to you right now, take your social distancing to a whole new level by traveling to outer space.


    NASA offices: Before blasting off, you'll want to know what you're getting yourself into. To train like an astronaut, take an online tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and check out the Kennedy Space Center's educational live streams on Facebook.

    The Houston Space Center: Download their special app to journey into space via their Location-Aware Audio Tour (with fun facts along the way). If you have a VR headset, you'll love their virtual reality experience of the Moon.

    Access Mars: Round out your space expedition with a 360-degree virtual tour of the red planet with Google.

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