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Oh #saltbae , You're My Sex Bomb!

When raw meat and salt becomes the sex icon of the year, you know its gonna be a damn good year.

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C'mon, those muscles.. those shades, that flair. How can you resist?

Just a Little Tumbleweed / Via

You’re my sex bomb… that is a phrase that everyone wants to hear, but rarely hears (except maybe if you’re heating things up in the bedroom). But #saltbae has taken Instagram by storm, and has both girls and boys fawning over his sexy shades, tight fitting clothes, and that oh, so sexy pose. Mmhmmmm! (like literally. And I'm not talking about food).

Is it just me, or do you think he secretly snorts some of that stuff in the white baggie too?


Like C'mon... how else could he be so.. sexual? *oops* i meant sensual. i think. But he's got the whole package.. that baggie, and some flowers.. no?

Sorry, but Who?

Nusret Gokce, being his real name, already owns 7 restos across Turkey and Dubai, but was nowhere near the 9.3 mil and counting hits he’s had since his video went viral. But now, he’s set to open up shop in September, in the heart of Midtown of NY with the help of major NYC real estate players.


Instagram / Via

In my defense, I live in Vancouver.. how else can we play football outside without salting the shit out of that field? It snows all the goddamn time!

Ya ya, its the #saltbae pose, but seriously? those legs and that arched back was so 2001.

Bend, and Snap!

Tumblr / Via

See? sex appeal never changes. Can we ALL just admit that the #saltbae fad is just about how much we miss the beeeennnd, and SNAP.

But Ayyyy Papi, this is how its done.

Instagram / Via

When you look at this though... is it just me, or is he basically making love to the meat? With all the salt he's using in these videos, its no wonder people think of him as a salting superhero...

SEE? I knew he was keeping salt up his arm for something important. AM I RIGHT?!

Fear not Europe, Nusret to the rescue! #saltbae #snow

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