Anna Sanders Intern and journalism/environmental studies at NYU. Female Jimmy Olsen, aspiring Lois Lane.
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    • Anna Sanders

      One thing I think this article didn’t make extremely clear about the issue is that most street harassment is not even about “complimenting” or how the woman (or man because it does happen to them too) looks. It’s more generally about power, as in, I’m in the position to tell you you’re beautiful without first talking to you for five minutes. A lot of these people know it makes the “complimented” feel uncomfortable and that’s half the reason they do it. Dylan Byers seems to be confusing when someone says out of nowhere “hey beautiful!” Versus someone who meets someone on the street, say, at a bus stop and they talk before one person acknowledges they think the other is beautiful.  Additionally, with regards to harassment being a “power” thing, I would suggest looking up “hollaback!” It’s an app and website with which you can post stories or pictures of your harasser online, giving the power back to those who are “complimented.”

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