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    19 Things That Never Happen When You Have Short Hair

    You call that a messy bun? YOU'VE NEVER EVEN SEEN A MESSY BUN.

    1. Not having to deal with that weird, awkward phase of the growing-out process.

    2. Using a curling iron without burning yourself.

    3. Getting up in the morning and not looking like a manga character.

    4. A sloppy bun that doesn't mutate into a mullet over the course of the day.

    5. Wearing a ponytail that actually holds together.

    6. Making do without your beloved barrettes and clips.

    7. Taking your cap off and wondering if your hair will ever lie flat again.

    8. People who refuse to believe that you didn't cut your hair out of some sort of existential crisis...

    9. ...or because of a breakup...

    10. ...or because you're a lesbian. In the year 2016.

    11. Going out in the winter without a hat and not freezing to death.

    12. Feeling the sweat on your neck immediately when you step outside in the summer because you don't have hair to soak it up.

    13. Pulling off a halfway decent hairstyle without styling products.

    14. Not having your hair stick out.

    15. The ability to simply hide your tired, hungover face behind your hair.

    16. Sticking your hair behind your ear and having it stay there.

    17. Not having your hair in your face all the time.

    18. Not looking like an athlete because you have to hold your hair in place with a headband.

    19. Giving yourself a cute French braid on the side that doesn't self-destruct in 20 seconds.