17 Hard Truths For Everyone Who Has A Little Bit Of A Belly


    1. You have a little belly. Always, always have. Always will.

    2. Doesn't matter if you lose any weight... Your little belly is always there. (A loyal companion, even?)

    3. Sometimes you forget it's there, but then you see it again in a photo and think, Oh yeah. Hey, little guy.

    4. Sure, sometimes you've tried to do something about your belly...

    5. ... but the second you encounter any food, your thoughts become...well...consumed.

    6. You wonder how people manage to do umpteen sit-ups. One is enough to make you queasy.

    7. Full-length photos are a nightmare.

    8. Even worse are pictures where you're unwittingly relaxed.

    9. The first thing you check in any picture is whether you were angled properly to downplay that little tummy of yours.

    10. You've mastered the art of very quickly sucking in your gut.

    11. But in the privacy of your own home, you like to distend it as far as it'll go just to see what it might look like if you were pregnant.

    12. You've given serious consideration to buying a corset, even if it's just to keep everything sucked in for Instagram photos.

    13. But then you just order yourself an entire pizza instead.

    14. You've got a love-hate relationship with jeans. You love how comfortable they are when you're standing. You hate what they do to your little belly when you're sitting down.

    15. And you can't even bother with high-waisted jeans.

    16. But you're not alone. Even Aphrodite had a little belly!

    17. And if she was comfortable with her little belly, then you should be too! #NotPregnantJustPizza!!!