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21 Hair Problems Only Black Women Will Understand


1. You really can't stand hearing the question "Is that your real hair?" anymore.

2. You've gotten used to the fact that people have just randomly touched your hair without asking since your elementary school days.

3. And it still makes you just as mad.

4. Every damn time.

5. Almost as mad as when you're caught off guard by rain.

6. Speaking of rain: Wash day is extremely important. It takes you several hours and just about everything you can find in your kitchen.

7. Some people think you lift because your arms are so toned from all that combing.

8. It's clear that there's no leaving the house once you put this thing on.

9. At that point FaceTime and Skyping are out of the question.

10. When you're tired of your wonderful Afro...

11.'s time for braids.

12. Of course they look good, but you know just as well that there's nothing more painful than sleeping with new braids.

13. It's also just as likely that your co-workers don't recognize you with your new hairdo.

14. And ask you if your hair grew overnight.

15. No matter how much time you spend watching YouTube tutorials, you'll always be puzzled by head scarves.

16. Your face when people ask if you even wash your hair.

17. None of this really matters though...

18. ...because whether you've got a natural Afro...

19. ...or dyed curls...

20. ...or a ridiculously long weave...

21. The important thing is that you're happy.