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    11 Incredible Super Drinks You're Not Drinking Yet

    Americans just can't get enough superfoods and super smoothies. Ditch the Vitamix for pre-blended super drinks that'll save you money on toilet paper, cure malaria and much more.

    What in Tarnation Is a Tiger Nut?

    Cuckoo for Cacao-Pulp

    Nature's Viagra, Borojo

    Helps You Absorb 3x More Water, Save On TP

    Buzz-Worthy Organic and Low-Cal Libations

    O3 = O Calories + O Sugar + Organic

    13x More Vitamin C Than You Need, Docs Warn Against Overconsumption

    Works For Your Gastric Issues - and Malaria

    Low-Glycemic Juice for Diabetics That Just Want Juice

    Flavorless Caffeinated Water, Great For Pranks with Grandpa

    Tastier Than a Barrel of Monkeys