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    11 Incredible Super Drinks You're Not Drinking Yet

    Americans just can't get enough superfoods and super smoothies. Ditch the Vitamix for pre-blended super drinks that'll save you money on toilet paper, cure malaria and much more.

    What in Tarnation Is a Tiger Nut?

    Organic Gemini / Via

    Tiger nuts aren't nuts, they're a vegetable. Actually it's an edible tuber with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that has been part of the Mediterranean culture for centuries. Our True Roots unearthed by Organic Gemini has teamed cold-pressed organic tiger nuts with horchata, a creamy, slightly sweet beverage that nourishes friendly gut bugs and strengthens the immune system and it's dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free.

    Drink it: Our True Roots TigerNut Horchata available at Whole Foods.

    Cuckoo for Cacao-Pulp

    Agro Innova / Via

    It all started over ten years ago in Ecuador by a 7th generation cacao farmer. After decades on the farm where families daily shared the great taste and nutritional benefits of the cacao juice, Joe Montgomery and his sister set out on the mission to share the energy of happiness found in cacao juice.

    Each smoothie is made by gently extracting the pulp of the cacao
 fruit to maintain the health benefits of its valuable portions of B6, thiamin, magnesium, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals.

    Drink it: Suavva Amazing Cacao

    Nature's Viagra, Borojo

    Borojo / Via

    Borojo is known famously in Latin America as an aphrodisiac (it's called "Nature's Viagra"). It is also consumed as an energizer, a metabolism booster and to maintain a healthy weight. Indigenous to the Southern Pacific rainforests of Colombia, borojo has been revered for centuries by the local population for what is considered its nutritional and health-promoting properties.

    It's uniquely high in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and essential amino acids, a great option for replenishing your body quickly. How should you try it? The tart flavor blends well with other juices, green tea and yerba mate.

    Drink it: Borojo Beverage Pink Guava Passionfruit

    Helps You Absorb 3x More Water, Save On TP

    SOS Rehydrate / Via

    Hydration, yes please. Multiple trips to the loo, please no! When mixed with water, SOS Rehydrate helps you absorb three times more water than just drinking H2O alone. It has six times the electrolytes of a normal sports drink and 27% more electrolytes than coconut water with half of the calories and half of the sugar.

    Drink it: SOS Rehydrate

    Buzz-Worthy Organic and Low-Cal Libations

    Veevlife / Via

    Booze healthfully? Organic and all-natural ready-to-drink VitaFrute Coconut Colada is made with organic coconut water and can be enjoyed simply by pouring over ice. Coconut Colada offers a buzz at 30 proof but is still under 125 calories per serving.

    Drink it: Vita Frute Coconut Colada

    O3 = O Calories + O Sugar + Organic

    Marquis O3 / Via

    Sometimes we're looking for healthier ways to get a boost of energy from drinks other than coffee and mass-market energy shots. Marquis O3 is a new USDA-certified organic, all-natural energy drink that boasts 9 all-natural ingredients, including: Stevia, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C. It's zero calories, zero sugar with no artificial chemicals at all!

    Drink it: Marquis O3 Mango Ginger

    13x More Vitamin C Than You Need, Docs Warn Against Overconsumption

    Smooch / Via

    Acerola juice contains 13 times more vitamin C than an equal portion of orange juice. Acerola juice is such a rich source that MedlinePlus warns against drinking the juice if you also take vitamin C supplements. It is more commonly found as a supplement, given that the fruit is highly perishable, as fast as 4 hours, but look for it now in smoothie packs.

    Try it: Smooch Acerola Cherry Smoothie Snack

    Works For Your Gastric Issues - and Malaria

    Baola / Via

    In Africa, the fruit of the baobab tree has been around for millennia and has been used particularly to treat fevers, malaria, gastric problems, and vitamin C deficiency among other ailments. According to National Geographic, baobab fruit contains six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and plenty of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and antioxidants.

    BAOLA contains the valuable extracts of the African superfruit - it's fruity and tart, slightly sweet but also sour, just like the baobab fruit.

    Drink it: BAOLA & Guarana

    Low-Glycemic Juice for Diabetics That Just Want Juice

    LO Fruit Beverage / Via

    Craving a cold, refreshing glass of juice? Unfortunately most juices are a whopping 120-200 calories per serving! One ten ounce serving of LO Fruit Beverage contains the same amount of calories (35 – 45), carbs (8 – 11 grams), and sugars (7 – 10 grams) as found in one whole fruit. It is also a certified low GI (glycemic index) product, clinically tested by Glycemic Index Laboratories, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.

    Drink it: LO Mango Mojito

    Flavorless Caffeinated Water, Great For Pranks with Grandpa

    Avitae / Via

    Avitae provides hydration with an all-natural energy boost and no flavor enhancement, caffeine and water - that's pretty much it. Avitae’s unflavored waters come in flavors such as Kick, Blast and Boost, differentiated only by the varying amounts of caffeine in the bottle. They contain natural caffeine with zero calories and artificial ingredients.

    Drink it: Avitae Caffeinated Water

    Tastier Than a Barrel of Monkeys

    Chimp Food / Via

    Our closest living relatives are chimps, who are more like us than any other animal. We're 99% genetically similar, so it would make sense that we would eat the same foods. Chimps don't eat meat, dairy or grains - and Chimp Food aims to mimic our predecessors' diet for ultimate health. It contains a full day's supply of nutrient rich super foods, raw, whole and blended - peels, seeds and stems included!

    Try it: Chimp Food Pineapple Drink

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