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What Finals Week Is Like, As Told By The Movie "Cast Away"

Because what describes this forsaken part of the semester better than a movie about being thrown into an ocean, onto an island and abandoned by society?

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When you calculate the minimum you need to score on your final to get an A in the class and its a 750 percent.


So you start by organizing and lining up all the major study topics & things aren't looking that bad.


...wait these are sticks.

I've literally been arranging sticks for the past 3 hours.

Where are those damn ice skates…I need a slice of pizza after this.


When it's finally time for the test & your professor interrupts everyone in the middle of the exam to correct a miswritten question:


Did you even read this over before deciding to print 300 copies?

...and I'm the one who's "unprepared."

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