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8 Reasons Why The Article Comparing Kylie V. Sadie Is Everything I Wouldn't Want Young Girls To Think

This is a response to the post, "When Kylie Jenner Challenged Sadie, Her Response Was BRUTALLY Honest" that has recently gone viral. This article is featured on the conservative news site and written by the obscure writer, "NGO". As an individual who identifies with being neither extremely religious, extremely politically opinionated, nor extremely infatuated with the Kardashians, I have some issues with comparing the characters of these two 17 year olds on the basis of their appearance.

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1. Defining Kylie's curves as problematic doesn't promote "self respect" it promotes body shaming.


The article opens by comparing the two teenager's style and says, "Not everyone wants to see a 17-year-old’s cleavage everyday, Kylie. Sadie is always appropriately covered up and elegant- a true lady."

Unfortunately, despite one's choice in clothing, some bodies cannot just be simply "covered". Some bodies reveal their curves in the most modest of all clothing and just because you don't want to "see" a woman's curves gives you no right to shame a woman's curves. Sadie has a more slender and linear body (which is beautiful!) which enables her to wear all sorts of clothing while still looking "elegant". Kylie, on the other hand, is more curvy but it does not mean her character is flawed.

Also, is it really fair to post a photo of her standing by a pool and a photo of her in a swimsuit and say that this is how she always carries herself?

2. "Sadie’s Book Success v. Kylie’s Book Failure".


The article states, "Sadie’s book, Live Original, has a five star rating on Amazon (which is almost unheard of) while Kylie’s book Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia, has a pathetic two star rating on Amazon."

Although I support this claim in its attempts to actually address the two girls' intellectual pursuits, I am unsure when Amazon ratings became the ultimate judgment of Good and Evil in the world.

Additionally, Kendall & Kylie are listed as as the sole writers of their book while Sadie's book is co-authored with Beth Clark, a writer and publishing consultant…not a 17 year old. Although I am sure Sadie played an integral role in writing her book which undoubtably reflects her personal values, I'm not sure if this is a fair comparison, as it is co-authored by a professional writer.

Also, "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai only has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014...

3. Wearing no makeup/a ton of makeup doesn't make you better than anyone else.


The article continues with, "Kylie’s fake look strengthens the objectification of women while Sadie’s natural look inspires beauty to be more than just skin-deep. Who would you want your daughter to look like?"

Everyone's comfortable in their own level of makeup. Wearing more makeup doesn't strengthen the objectification of women, judging two young women solely on their aesthetic appearance strengthens the objectification of women.

4. "Sadie’s Declaration of Faith v. Kylie Disrespecting the Faith"


The article explains Kylie's disrespecting of the Faith by stating, "Kylie’s Easter outfit caused a controversy. Is it really that difficult to go one day without making a skin-showing fashion statement at a sacred service?"

I've seen quite a few posts criticizing Kylie's Easter outfit choice (pictured right) but not that many about her sister Kendall's Easter outfit (pictured left). To me, it seems Kendall is making more of a "skin-showing fashion statement" but her slender and less curvaceous body enables her to dodge a lot of body policing. Again, unequally criticizing Kylie's curves asserts that some bodies are more problematic and inappropriate than others.

According to Romans 8:1-39, “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit” Romans 8:1-39.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with her choice in clothing, is it your place to judge her character/respect of Faith based on her appearance?

5. The bizarre comparison of boyfriends


"Sadie’s boyfriend of over a year, Blake Coward, recently signed to a college baseball team...Tyga obviously has no respect for Kylie or any woman judging by his acceptance of her provocative outfits."

Sadie's boyfriend plays a sport?? Whew. Thank goodness because historically athletes do not have problems with domestic abuse or infidelity... To be clear--I would never accuse her boyfriend of these acts based upon his athletic pursuits but I am making the point of how irrelevant his baseball career is in accurately representing his character.

Also, I am unsure why the ultimate approval of Kylie's outfits resides with her boyfriend (shouldn't Amazon Reviews decide this?!) and why his "acceptance of her" is considered a major flaw.

6. "Sadie’s Classy Posts v. Kylie’s Promiscuous Posts".


This article seems to get progressively angrier..."I would be LIVID if my 17-year-old posted so many inappropriate pictures for everyone to see. Have some respect for yourself Kylie and don’t post so many sexually-fueled photos."

Can a woman not be self-respecting and proud of her body? Categorizing Kylie's photos as "sexually-fueled" asserts that if a woman's body is viewable, it MUST be suggesting sexual availability.

At this point, I am kind of amazed at the writers ability to multitask, they have an astounding ability to argue for women's self respect while simultaneously doing some serious slut-shaming.

7. "Sadie’s Intelligence v. Kylie’s Ignorance"


The writer includes these images of Kylie's twitter with the statement, "Kylie- it is ignorant for you not to take responsibility for your influence on young girls’ desires to have big lips like you when you have 21.3 million followers on Instagram."

Although the writer has clearly confused twitter and instagram, their point about fans wanting to look like celebrities is true. I'm not sure, however, that Kylie is being ignorant by encouraging her followers to be themselves without fear. This seems like a pretty good message overall.

8. Last, the judgement of their families.


The writer makes their final point by stating, "The Robertsons stuck together after Phil vocalized his support for biblical marriage while liberals villainized him"...of course, this article wouldn't be complete without a political dig.

In response to Bruce Jenner's gender transition, the Kardashian family has been nothing but supportive. Both families appear to encourage and support their loved ones and I don't believe it's accurate to say one family is more supportive than the other.

I would like to know how the author of this article feels about Bruce not only identifying as a woman, but also as a Republican...

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