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    13 Cards Your Anxious Friends Would Seriously Appreciate

    "Sorry I left you alone at that party."

    1. For when you committed the ultimate act of betrayal:

    2. A stack of these very important coupons:

    3. Because sometimes they need a reminder:

    4. The best kind of invitation:

    5. For inducing the least amount of texting anxiety possible:

    6. To calm their overactive mind:

    7. For not downplaying what they're going through:

    8. Because real surprises actually SUCK:

    9. Some brutally honest condolences:

    10. For the days they need to take care of themselves:

    11. Because anxiety + the phone = THE WORST:

    12. For when they feel like a fuck-up, even if you know they aren't:

    13. For showing how much you appreciate their trust and vulnerability: