17 Things That Suddenly Make Sense The Day You Get Your Period


    Sometimes it's easy to forget your period is coming until it arrives. And when it does, some things suddenly make SO MUCH MORE SENSE.

    1. Why a commercial that had nothing to do with puppies OR children made you weep like a baby.

    2. Why your boobs felt like they got run over by a truck every time you took a step yesterday.

    3. Why you had to resist the urge to punch out the guy who dared walk slowly in front of you.

    4. Or why you gave in to the urge to call up your mom in a fit of self-loathing over a tiny mistake.

    Like, chill. You brought the wrong purse to work, not the wrong baby home from the hospital.

    5. Why your whole body was sore when you haven't set foot in a gym in weeks (OK, months).

    6. Why you nearly lost it when your boss asked you a simple question.

    7. Why your last week of music choices looks like it came directly from your middle school iPod.

    8. Why your reaction to your roommate not doing her dishes (AGAIN) was more violent than usual:

    9. Why your pantry is basically barren despite going shopping a few days ago.

    10. Why you actually tried that weird food combination that BuzzFeed unfortunately brought to your attention.

    11. Why basically every remotely attractive human you saw in the last three days turned you on.

    12. Or for that matter, why just about ANYTHING made you horny.

    13. Why you've been playing this suspenseful game the last few days:

    14. Why you teared up over a compliment that wasn't actually even that nice.

    15. Why your goddamn pants wouldn't fit.

    16. Why you got into (/totally started) that stupid fight with your friend yesterday.

    17. And honestly, why you've had a vague feeling of impending doom, because now you have to fucking bleed for a week.