37 Moments Everyone Who Sucks At Adulting Will Immediately Recognize

What is this growing up thing that you speak of?

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2. When the trash doesn't magically take itself out:

when you're lazy you start getting creative

3. When it's up to you to go to bed at a reasonable hour:

10. When you can no longer rely on someone else doing the dishes:

when you're too lazy to wash out a cup

14. When you feel good about your finances until you remember your student loans are a thing:

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Adulthood is treating me well.

22. When you come up with creative ways to spend laundry day:

Shout out to anyone who planned to do laundry but did this instead

24. When grocery shopping seems like a Herculean task:

My fridge contains an empty pickle jar, 2 week old leftovers, 9 sticks of butter, some OJ, and an egg.#adulthoodfail

29. When you fuck up every time you try to do something remotely responsible:

31. When your life achievements aren't exactly how you pictured them back in school:

35. When you realize that you have no idea what you're doing, ever: