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What Weird Stuff Do You Do In Private?

Anonymous confession time is open.

Alone time is sacred.

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We all have things we love to do in private.

So we want to know: What's the weirdest thing you do when you're alone?

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And we're not talking about typical alone time things, like masturbating or chilling naked or watching Netflix.

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No, we want to know the really secret stuff.

Nothing is off-limits, or too weird, specific, or boring. We want it all!

What do you do to entertain yourself? To make yourself feel better? To express yourself? Out of curiosity? For no discernible reason?

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Whatever it is, we want to know.

Confess (in a few sentences to a paragraph) in the anonymous form or in the comments below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Your response can be 100% anonymous!