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What Hobbies Kept You From Losing Your Mind In 2017?

Here's to all the weird interests 2017 tricked us into picking up.

This year has been a lot, and sometimes you need to lean on escapism and distraction to take care of yourself.

So we want to know: What surprising or weird ~thing~ did you get into just to make 2017 a little easier?

Maybe you picked a a new hobby that would make 2016-you say, “What the fuck?”

Some personal news: thinking about becoming a prepper

Maybe you got into a fandom you never expected to like just because it was the right brand of mindless and distracting.

Maybe you mastered a new skill due to all the hours you were ignoring the news.

Whatever it is, share it in the comments or via dropbox below, and make sure to share how you got into it and how it's helped you.

Your response could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health list.