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What Dating Advice Do You Have For People Who Hate Dating?

Because dating can be...a lot.

Not to be dramatic, but dating is the worst. And if you disagree with me, I'm very happy for you, but also very jealous.

For a lot of people, dating is kind of a drag even if, logically, we know it'll probably be worth it. So I want to know: What dating advice do you have for people who hate dating?

Maybe you've discovered the perfect underrated date activity so you don't have to ~get drinks~ all the time.

Or maybe you have advice for how to end a date gracefully when you know it's not a match.

Maybe for you, it was all about changing your mindset — like, looking for reasons to see someone again instead of reasons not to.

Or maybe, tbh, you just have a strong opinion on which dating apps are best.

Whatever it is, share your advice in the comments or via the Dropbox below so we can all feel a little less defeated by dating in 2019.