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How Do You Take Care Of Yourself When You're Depressed?

Share your "make life a little easier" toolkit.

If you struggle with depression, nothing can be more grating than people who think they have all the answers.

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Like the ones who believe it can be cured with a combo of diet, exercise, and positive thinking.

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Or who share well-intentioned words of "wisdom" about cheering up or snapping out of it.

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But whether you treat your depression with medication, therapy, or something else entirely, it’s never a bad idea to supplement with plenty of self-care.

If you have depression, you probably know a few small but important ways to make that heavy fog feel a little less oppressive.

Like do you have a perfect chill playlist that makes your heart feel a little lighter?

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Or are you the master of bubble baths?

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Is there an episode of The Office that always makes you smile? Do you swear by journaling? Are you into talking to yourself in the mirror every morning? Or do you make sure you always get a solid eight hours of sleep?

Stuff like that.

Tell us your strategies and tips in the comments, and we might include them in a future post so others can try for themselves.

And thank you for sharing.

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